Online Course Now Allows Horse Owners And Horse Lovers To Learn Equine Massage By Home Study



Fairfield, IA (January 10, 2014) – When a horse starts to become tired or weak because of tension, owners become worried and want to help relieve any built up tension or soreness.  No one wants to see their horse unhappy, which is why in 2003 Jim Masterson went public with his demonstrations and seminars of the Masterson Method.  In private barns and public facilities, thousands gathered around to see how they can learn equine massage in order for their horse to have a happier and healthier life.  Now, the Masterson Method is available to be taught in an online course where they can view a weekend seminar taught by Jim Masterson and use a Home Study course as well to aid them in learning this one-of-a-kind technique.


Many who own horses live in areas around the world where they cannot attend a weekend seminar, so those at the Masterson Method have created the weekend seminar home study program that is more interactive than just reading a book or watching the instructional DVD.  This home study course called Beyond Horse Massage 6-Week Home Study Courseis great for those who want to prepare before attending a Masterson Method workshop, have attended a workshop and want to review material, or live in an area that makes it difficult to travel to a weekend seminar workshop.


With Beyond Horse Massage 6-Week Home Study Course, students will receive over six hours of Jim Masterson teaching his unique equine massage method, follow-up videos when students can listen to others discuss their experience and Jim answering questions, quizzes to ensure knowledge and understanding, instructional practice time, a certificate of completion, and graduates will receive a $100 off a Weekend Seminar-Workshop of their choice.


Knowing how to properly perform a horse massage for the horse’s comfort is essential and should not be practiced without full knowledge, which is why those at the Masterson Method have spent a great deal of time developing this informative six week course.  Although useful for those who live in more rural areas, this video course is not meant to replace the hands-on instructions horse lovers looking to learn equine massage receive at a Weekend Seminar-Workshop.  This instead gives a guided study of the practical knowledge taught at these weekend workshops and is the next best alternative to attending seminars.


Jim Masterson served as the Equine Massage Therapist for the 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012 USET Endurance Teams and for equine clientele competing in the FEI World Cup, Pan American and World Games competitions.  Masterson teaches a unique method to equine massage that recognizes and follows the responses the horse gives during a massage.  Now Jim Masterson is known throughout the world for his creative and effective equine massage technique and shares it with others through books, DVDs, Weekend Seminar-Workshops, and now a six-week online course.


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