Declassified the Geek’s Bag

When you’re a geek, you’ve got to carry around as many smart gadgets and products of Apple as possible.

Let’s run down what’s inside:

A hard drive and SD card organizer

OS recovery discs in a binder


Freedompop Mobile Hotspot

Two portable hard drives

IPhone 4s

BT Headphones

A toolkit with a variety of tools

Chargers for everything


Undoubtedly,Geek love Apple.

A “huge leap” in technology?

Hardly. Apple’s latest is nice to look at, but it’s too fragile, too bulky, and too short on battery life.

Apple introduced what it immodestly described as, “without a doubt, the very best computer we have ever built.” The self-congratulations didn’t end there.  The company said it had made “huge leaps” in technology and design, hailing the laptop as a new paradigm in personal computing that was only made possible by throwing out previous constructs and starting from scratch.


Apple’s latest will solve many problem, but what won’t is the weight, size or battery life, all of which were impacted by the screen resolution. Those five million pixels suck up some serious  graphics processor time, which in turn, sucks up battery power. It’s impressive that the computer still can claim seven hours of battery life with optimal use. though note that USA Today, in its review, warned that power users will probably get only two hours.

Good thing that battery is big.  Apple redesigned its power supply connector for the new MacBook, supposedly to accommodate the thinner case, though the even-thinner, previous-generation MacBook Air cases did just fine with the original one. That means anyone wanting to have multiple power adapters for, say, the office and home, needs to either shell out $80 for an extra one or buy converters for their existing ones. Also, Apple also took a huge step backward in the design of their latest connector. Its first MagSafe had a reputation for pulling out easily, especially when used in your lap. Apple improved the next version, redesigning the connector to be lower profile, rounded, and directing the cable to the side. Problem solved. Inexplicably, the new adapter reverts to the old design. Problem unsolved.

The new MacBook Pro is a nice computer.   Apple has never been accused of catering to the wish lists of the masses, and this is no exception. It has staked its claim on a new display standard and if that means trade-offs, take it or leave it. 

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