Comedian Shawn Harris launches The Tyler Project: Kids Uniting People

Atlanta, Ga--Who is Tyler? He's a cute 4-year-old kid who was returning to school after being absent for awhile. His dad, a popular BET Comedian named Shawn Harris, decided to videotape his return, but couldn't imagine the reaction that would follow when little Tyler came through the door.  His diverse classmates hugged and greeted Tyler with unconditional love and admiration. Tyler's dad says he wept, and decided to shared the video on his Facebook page, having no idea it would actually go viral.  Harris decided that the video could be a "teachable moment," so he launched "The Tyler Project: Kids Uniting People, a social media initiative that showcases acts of kindness and ways children can teach us how to break down racial barriers and get along. "Prejudice is taught, said Harris. We can learn a lot from the honesty and truthfulness of children," he added.

Harris says The Tyler Project: Kids Uniting People, will highlight videos, photos, and great educators who are teaching young kids important lessons about diversity. "Tyler and I intend to visit schools and organizations across the nation with our message that kids can bring people together," Harris said. "I am a comedian so of course we'll make it fun. The reality is there are many Tyler moments out there and if we can capture them, perhaps we can allow our children to show more adults how to let go of any prejudices they may have and remember we're all the same. Our kids are the key," Harris said.

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