Big Fuss Records Inc. Introduces Artists To Watch For 2014



San Jose, CA (January 3, 2014) - After the successful conclusion to the Artists To Watch in 2013, Big Fuss Records has compiled a new music release for 2014.


The addition of a select group of new music artists, and their song compositions, are presenting a shine for audiences who seek great new contemporary music. The Company strives to showcase each individual artist as part of the new 2014 compilation.  Working with one song to promote from each artist; Artists To Watch 2014, offers a positive career opportunity. The promotion and product are a win/win while the record label and new audiences get to know each artists work more intrinsically.


The selection of artists featured in the 2014 compilation, from Big Fuss Records, have surfaced each with their own individual success story and at diverse occasions. The first-rate group of new talented "Artists To Watch 2014", confirms the New Year is soaring for audiences desiring top quality musical entertainment.


Big Fuss Records is a forward thinking Company that strives to assist artists in the ever evolving music industry, where freedom and a desire to grow are key components for songwriters and performers.


The premise behind Big Fuss Records Artists To Watch program, is the idea that music changes and evolves, and artists require time and effort to build their audience.  The Artists To Watch selection of musicians are promoted via worldwide radio, across the world wide web through blogs and choice interview opportunities.  Television, movie and sync licensing are also emphasized and sought after by the Company.  Big Fuss Records makes no guarantees, but simply strives to get the word out regarding each featured artist for a period of seven years.  During that time, the label follows each artist's career, to determine which music artists have the marketability, longevity and determination a lasting career in music performance requires for long term success.


Whether a pop singer or a hip hop artist, the company has helped each participant toward a bright future in the music industry. As of press time, the 2014 year's selection includes, Patrick Ahearn, Shauni Williams, Wesley Woo, Claudette Schlitter, The Stonefeather Band, Steve DeMott, and Christian Hip Hop artist Transparent.


Big Fuss Records Inc carries a big vision and continues music promotion services for music lovers and fans.  The Company has helped in artists promotions simply for the amity and love for the business. Big Fuss Records Inc. is a four point Corporation with Hot-Trax.Com (Radio Division) NorCal Press (Public Relations) and Vitality Artist Management, (Artist Management) all working together toward one common goal.


With new names being added carefully, the record company is looking forward to another wonderful premiere for the year of 2014. The idea of the company has always been to look for the best artists among the crowd. Using the signature phrase and tag line “We Make A Big Fuss Over You”. The quote very much defines Big Fuss Records passion for positive artist relations.



About Big Fuss Records

Big Fuss Records is an independent music record company active in California. The company has a focus on the promotion of diverse and talented music artists. The headquarters is located in Campbell, California. Big Fuss Records, Inc. was incorporated December 27, 2011.


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