Promise Of Today : 3D CAD

Often the most important piece of your dream CAD setup is the most overlooked.

Just imagine you bought a brand new HD TV. It’s the latest model with the biggest and best screen possible and hooked it up with the best cable package with more than 500 channels. You are spending a pretty penny for it. When you pick up the remote and you’ve only option for choosing a channel is to scroll up or down. A very unpleasant experience though.

This scenario just pour water on all excitement of watching your new TV. But, is it no different when you (or your company) spend ample amount on your CAD workstation, but only equip it with an ordinary mouse. Simply like scrolling channel by channel with that remote, you have to struggle to unlock the full potential of your 3D CAD application by using a standard mouse only. So what’s the problem? You have forgot to address the most important aspect of your dream setup.

CAD expert Robert Green saw many users experiencing this bad setup. So he has come up with a solution: You need to complete the optimal 3D CAD workstation by investing in 3D navigation devices. He wrote in 3D Mice: Large Enterprises Beef Up CAD Efficiency and Save Millions, the 3D mice pay for themselves in weeks or months.

ROI Calculator

Green includes an easily usable ROI calculator with the white paper to show the payback period. It’s based on the well expected productivity increase and total investment. You can enter the number of users to see the period for an individual or the entire organization.

More Savings with IT and Training Time

Unlike an ordinary mouse, 3D mice interacts with all software in a same way. Users don’t need to switch their design technique while changing applications. This helps IT streamline their training which reduces the time required. Even with everyone using the same device, IT can install and configure the software for all users at once.

With time savings and the potential ROI, it’s easy to notice why 3D mice are a smart investment.

According to a survey by VSI Risk Management and Ergonomics, 3D mice users report the following health benefits:

  • 97% people said tandem use of 3D mouse with an ordinary one, reduced their pain.
  • 61% said a 3D mouse increases ease and diminishes pain within the first month.
  • 66% uses a 3D mouse with both their hands and that reduces muscle fatigue.

You can get the ROI calculator by downloading the full white paper!

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