Grundéns Develops Women’s Oilskin Line for Professional Fishing

March, 2015 (Poulsbo, WA) – Grundéns, producer of the world’s leading foul weather gear since 1911, is developing a women’s line of oilskins for professional fishing women. Using time tested materials and technologies, Grundéns will market a line of foul weather gear that will fit and perform specifically for women.

“We have always had a deep respect for hard working women, those who go to sea are special, and those that choose to work on deck are unrivaled,” said Mike Jackson, president of Grundéns USA. “We will be one of the first companies to design a women's line that provides women with the best protective clothing and best fit for women to do their job. Our new women’s line will impress everyone who sees it and will turn heads with performance that looks as good as it feels when worn”.

Using fabric technologies that have been tested on commercial fishing decks around the world, Grundéns is developing bibs and jackets with a women’s specific fit. The brand’s iconic Brigg jacket and Hercules bibs are used every day by women but are often modified before being worn. The bibs are often too long in the legs, and jackets are too long in the sleeves, even when wearing the smallest men’s size available.

By actively enrolling women that are working on deck every day, such as Genevieve Kurilec McDonald, a member of Maine’s Lobster Advisory Council,  and other hard working, hard charging women to provide valuable product feedback about fit and performance, Grundéns will ensure that the women’s line fits properly and allows them to work more comfortably.  Additional colors and women’s specific features will be incorporated based on testing and feedback.

Grundéns initial offering for women that focuses on oilskins and other full protective clothing for working women will debut at the 2015 Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle in Fall 2015. 

Carl A. Grundén was born in 1876, as the son of a fisherman. At a young age he came into contact with the fishing industry and decided to start out as a ship’s chandler. Carl soon realized that his customers needed good rain protection, so in 1911 he began producing waterproof clothing in Grundsund, on the Swedish west coast. Because of material shortages linked to the onset of World War I, the company had to close down. In 1926 Grundéns Regnklader AB was founded, and has been producing quality gear ever since. Learn more at