Perry Plumbing Offers Trenchless Pipe Relining and Repair

Perry Plumbing offers trenchless pipe relining and repair services through the NU Flow system. This cost effective alternate pipe replacement method provides the same strength of a new pipe.

[San Diego, March 24, 2014] - Perry Plumbing, a family-owned business in San Diego, offers customers trenchless pipe relining and repair services through the NU Flow system. Thisalternate pipe replacement methodis significantly more cost-effective than other options and provides the same strength of a new pipe.

The Initial Evaluation

Perry Plumbing evaluates the affected pipelines with sewer cameras. The company records the footage and provides customers with a DVD copy, along with a plan of how the pipes run under the property. Technicians will study the state of the pipes and recommend the best solution. 

Technicians clean out any residue and calcite build up that have accumulated through the years, restoring the pipe’s original diameter. The company employs three methods of cleaning pipelines: Cable (snake) drain cleaners, High-pressure water jets,andBio-clean “green” drain cleaners.

The Nu Flow Process

Perry Plumbing uses a different cleaning method depending on the condition of the pipe and the nature of the problem. The company needs additional preparation when handling plumbing fitted with cast iron pipes, as residue holds tighter to these kinds of pipes.

The Nu Flow system uses a liner housing and a two part epoxy mixture to serve as the new pipe lining. Perry Plumbing cuts the liner housing into the appropriate length  andtheepoxy mixture is poured into it. Technicians pull the liner through the length of the pipe until it is in place. The bladder portion of the liner is inflated and mixture will start to cure and harden.Once the mixture cures completely, technicians pull out the bladder, leaving a strong structural pipe within a pipe.

Perry Plumbing evaluates the new pipe through a second round of inspection with sewer cameras. If the work passes the company’s standards, customers will receive the second DVD footage of the final product.

The Untouched Property

With Perry Plumbing's newly reinforced pipe lining, roots cannot penetrate the new jointless pipe, and calcium deposits can no longer adhere to the inner walls of the epoxy lining. The whole process is done above ground, leaving floors, landscapes, and gardens intact. This saves customers thousands of dollars from having to restore their properties to conditions before the pipe repair.

About Perry Plumbing

Perry Plumbing has over 35 years of experience working in the San Diego plumbing industry. This gives the company valuable insight into the residential and commercial pipe plans of the city. The business is completely family-owned, and they value customer service above everything else.

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