If I am an Employer, Why Should I Outsource in The Philippines?

Philippines is now considered one of the most renowned ideal offshore outsourcing destination all over the world. There may be hundreds of countries to choose from but the Philippines is one of the “Top Picks” when it comes to workers who perform world-class services with a very friendly demeanor. The fastest growing industry in the Philippines today is the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, where Filipinos connect with the foreign clients or customers over the phone and online to provide excellent customer experience. Philippines has proven a track record for years and until now, our massive workforce with highly skilled workers and multi-talented English speaking population are continuously growing.

There are several factors why should your company outsource in the Philippines. Here are some of the factors and also benefits that you can get as an employer:

Cost Efficient

The first thing to consider as an employer of any business kind is the cost.  Outsourcing has an important role in minimizing the cost and improve the efficiency of the business. Foreign clients typically are saving almost 70% of labor cost in outsourcing in the Philippines compared to other countries. Philippines is a very low-cost country compared to other Southeast Asian countries. If we convert the Philippine minimum wage to a dollar amount salary per day, that’s only an approximate amount of $8/day, unlike other countries that have higher labor cost. Also hardwares are advanced to easily maintain, upgrade and utilize a steadfast without spending too much.  If you choose to outsource in the Philippines, you can drastically improve the efficiency of your business with the highly skilled workers while simultaneously reducing the cost of your labor and legal demands.

Government Support

Philippine Government supports the outsourcing industry because it’s also one of the main revenue of the country. They provide outstanding training programs with supplied materials, buildings and rooms to hone the knowledge and skills of the workers. Though Manila, the Philippine capital gets the higher concentration of the BPO industry, business infrastructure have already started emerging and building the BPO hub all over the country. Estimated rate is around  80%. The Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) is an enabling association who helps promote the Outsourcing business in the Philippines. They are the advocacy gateway to country’s global services sector. Investors see this as an opportunity for the business to grow for it is protected by local agencies and associations in the country.

Highly Skilled Workforce Supply

In the Philippines, English proficiency is very important because we know that it is the primary language of communication. In most Philippine Universities, students are not allowed to speak in vernacular in the school premises and this regulation serves as a serious training to improve the english language of the students. That means Philippines has a very high literacy rate especially in basic education, delivering graduates from the top universities internationally. Filipinos are also creative, artistic, competitive and highly loyal professionals. Most feedbacks from foreign countries about how a Filipino works always include being friendly, patient, and courteous. These are behaviors being taught from our own heritage as we grow.

Economic Growth

The economic growth of the Philippines has already increased and was able to maintain its stability for years. A lot of investors from different countries already invested in tourism and offshore outsourcing. These ventures are still in the loop over a decade now. No wonder that the Philippines was able to maintain a good reputation. We are also closed and allies of the western organization and has been supported by the USA for nearly 50years.