Rehabilitation helps Physical Therapy

An optimum health includes both physical health as well as mental health. Physio therapy helps to cure physical disorders or illness with the help of exercise. It is usually required for the people who are suffering from major accident or permanent physical disabilities.

The main intention behind these types of exercise and stretching is to reduce patient’s pain and bring back him to normal condition. Physical therapist are health care professionals who give physiotherapy and assist the patient while doing exercise. They give daily treatment, which in turn helps in improvement of patient’s health. Physical therapy is very effective in treatment of back pain, joint pain, as it helps in getting optimum flexibility of joints. To feel effect of this type of therapy, the patient needs to have a positive attitude, patience and should give full coordination to the therapist. Physical disorders require time and efforts to heal, with the help of regular physiotherapy one can achieve it. A therapist uses many types of equipment like belt, rollers, balls, Wobble boards for treatment. Belts are very useful while doing exercise against back pain. It gives good support and helps in body balancing. An exercise ball is air-filled equipment helpful for getting better muscle movement. Wobble boards are widely used for ankle, knee, leg injuries. Generally balls, rollers are used while doing stretching exercise for arm, neck, back, hip, thigh etc.

According to part of the body that needs therapy, exercises may differ, and patient needs to be careful about that. There are three types of exercises namely Active, Active-assistive, Passive.

·  Active exercise: This type is for people who do exercise on their own without help.

·  Passive exercise: This type is for people who are totally depending upon therapist. They cannot do any body movement without help.

·  Active-assistive exercise: This type is for people who can do exercise on their own but its painful so therapist help them.

While doing exercise patient may need Bobathbänk. In some cases family member can act as therapist but if and only if doctor permits. In this case it is responsibility of family member to help the patient in doing the exercises regularly and as per prediction.

Physical therapy not only helps against illness but also enhances overall fitness of patient. Usually when patient feel better temporarily they start ignoring exercise, this can be harmful for patient. Interaction of patient and therapist should be good enough so that patient feels confident about his health improvement. Physical therapists assist patient in rehabilitering.