Selene Yangtze Introduces A New Book On Foot Reflexology With Promotional Price From April 14th - 18th At Amazon Website


Foot Reflexology Self Massage is a Kindle edition revealing the amazing healing and rejuvenating art of foot reflexology. Written by Selene Yangtze, it is now available at Amazon Kindle store. This book is scheduled a 5-day promotion from April 14 -18, 2014.

Customers can enjoy incredible saving during this promotional phase at The regular price of the book is $6.99. However, it will be just $0.99 during the first 60 hours of promotion, starting on April 14, then $3.99 until the promotion ends on April 18, 2014. They shoppers of can purchase the book at £1.99 during the first 60 hours, then £2.99 until the promotion ends.

This is an incredibly written foot reflexology self-massage book, which is dedicated to help the layperson to learn everything they need in order to safely perform foot reflexology and alleviate many symptoms of ill-health, while also promoting great relaxation. This self help health book concentrates on the 13 highly effective foot reflexology points and self massage techniques to bring the ultimate benefits, which works beyond mere physical level and spreads out the positivity through the emotional level as well. It improves overall health and vitality holistically.

This foot reflexology book guides you to quickly identify the specific points, along with its special benefit. This is a tried and tested technique of improving health, without the help of medicines. The foot reflexology techniques, introduced in the book are also great in enhancing the energy level of an individual. It is beautifully written in simple language with clear illustrations, for the convenience of every reader.

Readers and health enthusiasts are already excited about the arrival of the reflexology book.  Sarah Mathew is a regular shopper of Amazon. She states, “I am thrilled to have this book in my library. I am extremely excited about gaining knowledge on foot reflexology. The title of this book has already impressed me. Foot reflexology is a time-tested healing practice originated in China thousands of years ago. I feel the book is going to help me solve quite a few intricate physical problems, which I believe we all face in modern times. I personally do not rely much on artificial medicines, and completely believe in alternative healing methods. I have already made my mind of buying this book and learning the techniques as soon as possible.”

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