Does Cursing the Fig Tree Imply the Danger of Bad Thought?

1888 PressRelease - Lajtner Machine Teaches to Identify the "Strange Thoughts"

Dr. Tamas Lajtner Ph.D. has spent the last 15 years researching the working method of the force of thoughts. He designed real objects called Lajtner Machines that show the force of thought. Dr. Lajtner's research clearly proves that the force of thought is able to work outside the head. These thoughts are the "strange thoughts". The force of whichever thought is like any other force. It is neither good nor bad. However, this is not true in the case of thoughts. There are thoughts that cure people, and there are thoughts that harm the living. 

We know the many miraculous cures of Jesus. On the other hand it is enough to mention Jesus Crist's cursing the fig tree. Mark Chapter 11:12-14; 11:20-21. "Master, behold, the fig tree which thou cursedst is withered away." 

Dr. Lajtner explains, "Force is a category of physics. When a force meets something or somebody there will be an action-reaction phenomenon. This is the same in the case of thought, too. Lajtner Machine teaches us that other people's thought ("strange thought") can enter our head. Lajtner Machine teaches to identify the source of thoughts. The "strange thoughts" can us help, or even harm. How to prevent the danger of causing harm? Simply by having people recognize manipulative thoughts. Lajtner Machine teaches both how to create and how to recognize and repel manipulative thought."

Thoughts have force. A force is a vector quantity. Vector addition is the operation of adding two or more vectors together into a vector sum. Bad thoughts harm. To generate a "good" vector sum, there must be thought more good thoughts than bad. Saying this, it is vital that every people pick up the thinking with force. This is the only way to prevent us from the harming thoughts. Lajtner Machine teaches the "force" thinking.

Dr. Lajtner added: "The time we can amplify the force of the thought with some device is round the corner. Mankind, however, should by all means realize what the power of thought is capable of doing." 

The Lajtner Machine reveals thought in its true form. A tiny device that takes us closer to comprehend one of Christ's mysteries.