Player-Owned House Update Releasing in August in OSRS

Hey, all RS players. It has been announced by the official that they would be working on some big new additions for player-owned houses in last year at Runefest. Now these highly anticipated updates will be on their way into Old School later on in August.

House viewer interface 

One of the features which have had the community excited is the new house viewer interface. The house viewer interface allows you to see an overhead view of your house, move rooms, rotate rooms, add rooms and delete rooms.

The beauty of this menu is that when moving and rotating most rooms, you won't have to part with the furniture you've built inside it. You can move and rotate rooms while preserving their contents.

Superior garden & achievement gallery

Two new rooms are on their way to player owned houses. The superior garden and achievement gallery are high level rooms, offering some exciting additions to player-owned houses for players with high construction.

The superior garden will require level 65 construction to create and will offer tree, topiaries, revitalization pool, garden style, fence, and seating.

Requiring level 80 construction to create, the achievement gallery offers even more very useful additions for your house, including altar, log display, jewellery box, boss lair display, mounted display, and quest list.

The altar hot spot allows you to place one of three new kinds of altar. They can be used to switch spellbook on the fly.

The log display allows you to show off your various in-game logs to anyone who visits your house.

Each jewellery box will require a number of gems to create, including quite a few dragonstones for the fancy and ornate boxes.

Each display can be created using jars dropped by the appropriate monster.

The mounted display allows you to show off some of the most prestigious items in game.

The quest list hot spot is a long parchment on the wall which can be used to display your progress through every quest in the game. It will show whether you have not started, started or completed each quest.

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