Acne- causes and remedies

Acne is the most serious problems to girls and boys when they are into their 20’s. Everyone wants to look good and want to have clear and smooth skin. Nearly 80% of the teens succumb to acne. Acne is widely occurred in the age of 20-30. Teenage is the period when most of the boys have acne and women have it in their adult age. Some have acne on their face; some have it on their back; some have them on their neck and shoulders as well. But right kind of precaution and treatment could help prevent and cure acne.  

What is acne?

In medical terms acne is known as ‘Acne Vulgaris’. It occurs during puberty when oil glands come into body. It is produced by hormones in adrenal glands of both male and female. Acne (pimples) grows when the oil glands are blocked which lead to accumulation of oil.

Types of acne

Blackheads- are black in colour and appear on the surface of the skin

Papules- are pink in colour

Cysts- are like cysts and can easily leave scars on face.

What causes acne?

Clogged Pores-The glands in the skin start secreting sebum, an oily substance which result in pores and pimples starts growing.

Hormones- In puberty the hormones start changing which result in pimples. Even pregnant women start seeing pimples on their face due to hormonal change.

What to do?

-Wash face with clean water

-Wash face with gentle soap

-Use product with 5% Benzoyl peroxide.

-Eat green vegetables as it helps pure blood.

What not to do?

-Don’t squeeze pimples

      -Don’t use scrub

-Avoid oily food.

-Avoid makeup products.

What Doctors to visit and when?

Generally, with small and normal pimples it’s better to avoid doctors and instead go for home remedies. When acne is severe and nothing is working on it then solution is to look for skin specialist; as family doctors won’t get right solution.

How to prevent acne and acne scars?

-Stop applying face pack, or scrubs.

-Drink plenty of water.

- Don’t be harsh on the pimple affected area.

Other Treatments

To get instant and long lasting effect different technologically advanced treatments are best options. Different ansiktsbehandling mot acne clears out and makes skin normal and gentle. Also scars get cleared with effective spa treatment.