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July 8, 2014 - Hydroarmor Systems LLC Helps New Jersey &The Philadelphia Metropolitan Area Homeowner's Fix Their Wet Basement Problems By Offering Financing Options

Just Released, after more than 30 years in the Home Improvement business, Daniel J. O'Connor Now Offers Financing Options for Homeowners.

It is no secret that when a basement or crawl space gets water coming in, it is a time when homeowners must take action. Leaving this situation alone for any length of time can lead to many health and environmental hazards. Such hazards that are common knowledge. They include mold contamination, mildew, structural damage to the home's foundation, and many more!

When this occurs, it often catches homeowners by surprise. Savvy individuals know that time is of the essence. Getting this fixed fast will save a lot of trouble, time, money, and possibly health sickness to their family.

However, depending on severity of the problem, the costs to fix the problems can be out of reach for some people, causing them to wait and suffer before fixing the problem. Before they know it, there is a crack in the foundation and every time it rains just a little, their basement now floods and destroys everything that the water touches.

Mary T. Hill said that Dan O'Connor, founder of Hydroarmor Systems, recognized that this is a real problem. He set out to find options that would help those who need it so that they can get the repairs done without putting an additional strain on their finances.

With the Hydroarmor Systems Dry Basement Guarantee, more people can finally get their basements and crawl spaces dry and free from water intrusion.

Finally, it is easier for more families to have a happy and healthy home!

If you’d like to see a compelling reason to have your basement inspected before you buy a home with a finished basement or before you finish your own basement, check out this video. You will see how Dan &Hydroarmor Systems saved a New Jersey homeowner from a disaster!

More information on Hydroarmor Systems can be found at their website:

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Hydroarmor Systems
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