Substantial Changes Made to Last Man Standing & Cheap 07 RS Gold Buying

Last Man Standing will be released into Old School Runescape soon. And it will be available on three worlds, one of which will be free-to-play. Several betas have been launched on the minigame. And Jagex has made some substantial changes to the minigame in preparation for release. For cheap RS 07 gold for sale, RSorder is your first and best choice.

Changes to Last Man Standing since the first beta

1. Single combat

The first key piece to address in Last Man Standing is multi-combat VS single combat. The benefits of multi-combat are that it prevents boxing to stay alive until the last few moments of a game. However the negatives are that the game play is undesirable for solo players.

After disabling multi-combat in the second beta, Jagex has found that players are finding the mini-game far more enjoyable and see a massive increase in the number of people playing. In the final release of Last Man Standing, the entire map will remain single combat as a result of the feedback from the betas. 

2. Improved gear

The equipment you can potentially receive within Last Man Standing has been substantially buffed all around. You're now far more likely to get your hands on a starting weapon and the available gear is higher level.

Improved gear means quicker fights and more action overall. And, most importantly, there will be no more mithril scimitars! 

3. Vending shrines

Another way to get your hands on higher level gear is via vending shrines. No longer do repeat loots or unlucky chests have to be a total loss. You can trade in your unwanted items in exchange for tokens, spent on the gear you would like.

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