Connected TV Industry Outlook Scenarios for 2025

New players, new solutions: the connected TV market is entering a new stage in its development. This is playing out against a backdrop of consolidation for on-demand viewing and ongoing attempts to provide consumers with bigger and better selections of content and services. Complete report is available at .

Our latest report on the connected TV market explores the core trends in the sector, and the initiatives being taken by CE, TV and Internet industry players. It also delivers a detailed SWOT analysis for companies in each of these sectors. The report concludes with three outlook scenarios for 2025 that forecast market value and how viewing habits will have evolved depending on which of the three sectors comes out on top.

Companies referenced in this report: Apple, Amazon, Comcast, DirecTV, Dish, Facebook, France Télévisions, Google, HBO, Liberty Global, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Netflix, Roku, Samsung, TCL and Verizon

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Slideshow contents

1. The connected TV market taking shape
The growing connected TV and smart device population
Screen time on smart devices
Growing use of companion screens

2. Industry organisation
CE market leaders changing tack
The TV industry shifts into high gear
Internet giants: different approaches but same goal in mind
Result: coopetition between TV, CE and Internet industries for control of connected TV distribution

3. Strategic analysis
Huge challenges ahead for the TV industry
Can CE manufacturers create a winning connected TV ecosystem?
The Internet giants: is video only the first step?

4. Scenarios for connected TV in 2025
Definition of the scenarios for 2025
Impact of the three scenarios on the connected TV market

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology & definitions
2.1. General methodology of IDATE's reports
2.2. Methodology specific to this report
2.3. Definitions

3. Market structure & key factors
3.1. The connected TV market
3.1.1. Market background
3.1.2. The personal device segment
3.1.3. Connected TV ecosystem
3.2. Key technologies

4. Industry organisation and strategy
4.1. Consumer electronics companies
4.1.1. Television manufacturers
4.1.2. Makers of intermediate streaming and media devices
4.2. TV industry players
4.2.1. Content producers, broadcasters and pay-TV providers
4.2.2. Network operators and pay-TV providers
4.3. Internet companies
4.3.1. Internet giants
4.3.2. OTT pure-players' VOD services
4.4. The distribution chain
4.5. Strategic analysis
4.5.1. TV market players
4.5.2. CE market players
4.5.3. Internet companies

5. Market scenarios for connected TV in 2025
5.1. Two core disruptions shaping the market between now and 2025
5.1.1. Rate of spending on IP networks and infrastructure
5.1.2. How much viewing becomes an individual pastime
5.2. Definition and qualification of the three scenarios for 2025
5.3. Impact of the three connected TV scenarios