101 Mobility Donates Stair Lift to Elderly San Jose Woman in Need


San Jose, CA (May, 5, 2015): For one elderly Californian woman named Ms.Green, climbing the stairs became more of a daunting challenge than an everyday habit. This April, Virgil Moore, owner of 101 Mobility San Jose, worked with the Silicon Valley Independent Living Center to find a solution and give Green her mobility back.

In the past, Moore of 101 Mobility San Jose exchanged referrals with Silicon Valley Independent Living Center, a non-profit that helps provide financial assistance to families in need. The center, which is run by people with disabilities serves more than 250,000 residents in San Jose. When the center reached out to Moore regarding Green’s lack of mobility, he began searching through stair lift inventory for a way to assist the independent citizen.

“She dreaded going up and down the stairs each day,” Moore said.

101 Mobility San Jose was able to find and donate a used Bruno Elan stairlift, including installation. Through the donation, Green is now able to freely access her stairs whenever she needs.

“She expressed sincere appreciation for helping her,” Moore said. “This stair lift will make her life easier and safer.”

Moore said the donation is part of 101 Mobility’s plan to participate in San Jose community outreach projects each year. To assist families financially, Moore said 101 Mobility San Jose will partner with other  local agencies who serve people with disabilities and the elderly. Through 101 Mobility, more residents of the San Jose area will now be able to live the independent lives they desire. 

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Virgil Moore, Owner of 101 Mobility San Jose


About 101 Mobility:

101 Mobility is a national franchise and full-service sales, service, and installation provider of a complete line of mobility and accessibility products and equipment, including stair lifts, auto lifts, ramps, porch lifts, patient lifts, power wheelchairs, scooters and more. Short and long-term rentals are also available for home, office, and institution. By working with patients to identify which home health care devices best suit each individual’s needs, 101 Mobility provides an alternative to group homes and rehabilitation centers by increasing accessibility and allowing clients to live self-sufficiently in their homes.


About Silicon Valley Independent Living Center:

Silicon Valley Independent Living Center (SVILC) is a non-profit, non-residential organization which serves all people with all types of disabilities in Santa Clara County with support tools and resources need to live interdependently, and advocates for policies that ensure equal access and opportunity for all.