Top 5 Reasons Printer Errors Occur

Nearly everyone who has used an office printer has, at some point, wanted to re-enact the scene from “Office Space,” where a gang of disgruntled workers take their printer to a field and smash it.

Unfortunately, HR tends to frown on this behavior. Users of printers can reduce frustration with printer errors by learning more about the common causes of printer problems and how to resolve them. Whether it’s a problem with ink or toner usage, or printer cable problems, knowing how to troubleshoot can go a long way to boosting productivity and decreasing frustration with malfunctioning printers.

One of the biggest complaints about printers is that they move too slowly. Printer speed often decreases for inexplicable reasons. Users of printers can speed up their printer and save a little ink by reducing the print quality for routine documents. While it’s not advisable to make a low-quality printout for an important presentation, for everyday documents, switching your printer to draft-printing mode will reduce the workload on the printer.

If you notice that you’re having speed problems with a wireless printer, your best option may be to wire your printer back up with high quality printer cable . Wireless printers are notoriously temperamental, and an office setting with many wireless devices working can result in a slow-moving wireless printer. Printers receiving the wrong print jobs from Windows is also an often-voiced complaint. Print jobs you send to one printer may go to another printer in your network, while the printer closest to you may spit out print jobs from down the hall or the next floor. Making sure the printer you use the most is set as your default printer will help solve this problem.

If your prints are spotty or have horizontal lines, your print head may be clogged. Most printers’ utility programs have a function that can clean out the clog. Once the cleaning task is done, the device will print a page for you to check for problems.

Printer cable problems can often be a major source of printer problems. Before starting any series of troubleshooting, it’s a good idea to check the cables. It will often save you a lot of trial and error concerning other possible problems. Unplug the printer cable from your device and examine the ends to make sure all pins on the cable are undamaged. Keep a supply of cables to replace damaged ones when the need arises.

By troubleshooting your printer for common problems, you can quickly resolve many printer issues and avoid the urge to smash it with a baseball bat.

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