Gift-Buying Guide for Men

There is a wealth of information available for buying women's gifts, but scant little when it comes to buying personal gifts for men. Unless you're after the latest tech gadget (which he likely already owns) or sports merchandise, there isn't much guidance for selecting gifts for the sophisticated, refined man on your list. Here is the guide you're looking for -- complete with gifts for any occasion that you can be sure he'll appreciate. 

Useful Gifts for Men

Women's gift-buying lists generally steer the buyer away from practical items like vacuum cleaners or cooking appliances. However, men enjoy a gift that they can use and appreciate. Pocket knives are an ideal present, because he can appreciate the elegant beauty of a well-crafted knife, yet still get useful benefit out of owning it. Pocket knives are an excellent tool in numerous situations, and come in a variety of styles. Writing pens are another useful item to consider, which he can enjoy at home, at the office, or in his briefcase. Pulling out an elegantly styled writing pen makes a grand statement when he's signing contracts or collecting information from prestigious clients.

Thoughtful Gifts for Men

Not all men have abandoned the practice of carrying cash in this era of plastic. Cash is especially useful for tipping wait staff, hotel staff, and drivers on trips, as well as a variety of other situations. For the man who prefers to carry cash, a money clip is a thoughtful gesture he's sure to appreciate. Another thoughtful gift is a beautifully styled keychain. Look for a stylish, high-quality keychain to replace a less expensive one he picked up at the dealership or on vacation.

Unique Gifts for Men

Most men especially enjoy something different than the usual tie or magazine subscription. Jewelry makes an ideal gift for the discriminating gentleman on your gift list. Unique personal gifts for men include high-end golf tools that aren't readily available in most pro shops, as well as necklaces, bracelets, and other finely crafted jewelry. Look for items that are well-made and that look different from what is available in all of the department stores.

Luxury Gifts for Men

Business today is all about making a statement, and this is much easier if he's got nice-looking accessories. Designer cufflinks are perfect for wearing to the office, at conventions, to important meetings, and even to dress up and go out for the evening. A great pair of cufflinks never gets left at home. Other excellent luxury gift items include pendants for chains or necklaces, and knives or golf tools embellished with gemstones.

Useful, thoughtful, unique, and luxury gifts are sure to please the man on your shopping list. Be sure to shop quality stores, as the better merchandise is rarely available at discount outlets or in malls.

Company Bio

The founder of William Henry, Matt Conable, feels that originality and craftsmanship should define men's luxury jewelry, not just the price of the item. Jewelry, knives, and accessories offered by William Henry are the perfect choice for the discriminating man who enjoys a personal style, not dictated by the mass consumer brands. These jewelry and accessories are bold, masculine, and impossible to match in department stores.