Soft furnishings as the words suggest is all about fabric. Soft furnishing includes cushions, curtains, lamp shades, upholstery, floor coverings (rugs, throws) etc. This is the quickest and effective to way to change the ambience of the kids Room or house by putting on different variety of colors, patterns and textures. Kids Soft Furnishingsis the art and science of utilizing and modifying space to result into beatification of aesthetic and functional use of the space. In utter sense the soft furnishing does to a house what clothes and accessories to a human body. The main factor about choosing the kids soft furnishings is the fabric, it should be soft & kids should feel free to play around with it anytime.

Choosing the fabric: getting different patterns, interesting color designs and adding up different textures to it, keeping in mind to choose around the most high scale fabric with the looks and feel (according to the budget).

 Also when choosing the Kids Soft Furnishings certain aspects are to be kept in mind like its appearance, maintenance, the economic vitality of fabric meaning the fabric should easily washable at home and its money to durability ratio letting it last longer. Kid’s home décor offer a very nice variety of fabrics such as polyesters, silk, cottons, linen and imported fabrics as well at a very affordable price range.

Kids Curtains: Kids Soft Furnishingsalso deals with curtain, it’s ideal to use poly-silks & poly- satins or Total cotton as they promise rich look. When choosing curtains you should also look for the weight and drape as heavy and stiff curtains are not able to hold the beautiful gather. If the fabric you are using is very delicate you should always use linings. Drapes provide protection and strength to the fabric; it helps block extra light and acts as an insulating material. Also pay attention to the property of fabric towards sunlight, as the fabric of curtain tends to fade in very less duration of time.

Types of fabric: poly-cotton blends manufactured by blending the natural fibers as cotton with polyester to bring out a rather good material. This material is more durable, tends to get less creasing and doesn’t fade in that easily. Sheers are filmy and one can look through it, they are meant for decorative purpose only. Voiles are light and kind of transparent in nature. Its gives a very soft feeling and look. Organic fibers (cotton & banana fiber) are expensive, and tend to get fungus out of moisture.

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