Hookah Bar Plans to Open Near the University of Washington Bothell

Edmonds, WA 17-06-2014 - There is a new hookah bar opening in the vicinity of the University of Washington Bothell. Created by a group of students attending the university, they are calling themselves City Cloud and are taking a slightly different approach than many other similar businesses.

Though hookah is nothing new, City Cloud is doing things a little differently. Most hookah bars are popular among the younger generation and frowned upon by health organizations. This is mostly due to the prevalent data that proves just how dangerous smoking is. It has been sometime since smoking in restaurants and bars has been deemed unsafe and made illegal, yet hookah bars are still thriving. City Cloud is attempting to stand out from the crowd by advertising their new lounge not as just a hookah bar but as a place for students to hang out, socialize and study, as well as, a tutoring center. It is of course against the law to smoke anywhere on school property.

When you consider the popularity of this type of trend, the environment is likely to draw the attention of some of the 4,172 students currently attending the University of Washington Bothell as well as Cascadia Community College, which will not be far from the City Cloud hookah bar. The creators of this idea say that the hookah bar will be good for the community, the students and even the school. They will be creating well paying jobs and a place for students to meet up and study. They also claim that they will be helping the school by giving the students a safe and meaningful environment to spend their time in while off school grounds.

Though it may end up being a very popular spot for Washington Bothell University students, the company will most likely face difficulties along the way due to strict non smoking laws in the area. In 2005 hookah bars were able to circumvent non smoking laws by simply calling themselves private clubs. However, in 2008 the supreme court made smoking in any private club illegal if that club has even one employee. These laws will make starting a new hookah bar a little more difficult.

The City Cloud Lounge will be attempting to raise funds to jump start their venture buy crowdfunding on Indiegogo. They are enticing contributions by actually giving away small shares of the lounge and their business to contributors. Anyone can purchase as much as a 2% stake in their entire company and as little as a 0.05% share in the Washington based lounge. Contributors could own a small piece of the bar for as little as $25.

About City Cloud Lounge
City Cloud Lounge is a start up social venture that is looking to provide both entertainment and a tutoring center for the youth attending the University of Washington Bothell. Though one of their main attractions will be a hookah bar, they are also looking to make the lounge a place where all students, smokers and non smokers, can get together socially and to study.

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