Getting the Most Juice from Your Cell Phone Battery

Cell phone batteries seem to have shorter and shorter charges, as a smaller design and an explosion in the number of features available on mobile phones eat up more power. While older phones seemed to hold a charge for days, many of the newest phones are lucky if they can stay powered up for just one day, without having to be plugged into an iPhone cable for recharge.

Technology has been an enemy of battery life in cell phones, as thinner phone designs requiring smaller batteries, larger screens, faster processors, background software, and energy-hogging apps quickly drain power from mobile devices. Cell phone owners can take steps to extend the charge on their batteries, however. To avoid having to constantly reach for your iPhone cable, consider the following:

  • For starters, by reducing e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook polling, mobile phone owners can significantly reduce their power usage. All owners need to do is set messaging applications on manual mode for polling, and refresh frequency.
  • Reducing the number of apps running in the background can also help. Turning off these apps will reduce their drain on your phone’s power supply and will also likely make the applications you need run faster.
  • Getting rid of live wallpaper can also help reduce power consumption . Displaying wallpaper costs power, so it may be worthwhile to forgo it.
  • Updating apps can also help with power consumption. Updates to apps often make them more power efficient. By getting the latest version of your favorite app, you could save significant amounts of power.
  • Avoid using your phone in low signal areas. In these areas, your phone has to work harder to pick up a signal. By turning it off while you’re traveling in rural areas, you could save significant power.
  • Cutting off hardware radios can also help save your charge. Most phones today have Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and other hardware radios. Having them all on at once will quickly drain your battery. Turning a few of these off will help save power. GPS is perhaps the largest power drain, and should be switched off unless you need it.
  • Putting your phone into power saving mode can also save battery life. Power saving modes typically limit your phone to just a few basic functions, which helps you save power.
  • Generating light takes electricity. Lowering the brightness setting on your phone can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to extend battery life.

By taking a few proactive steps, mobile phone users will need their iPhone cables a little less often, as their phones will enjoy a longer battery life.

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