South Florida Food Trucks held to high standards of cleanliness, regulations

MIAMI, Fla. (Jan. 30, 2015) – South Florida’s vibrant food truck industry has become a popular niche in the local dining scene. With 180 food trucks operating in South Florida, these complete business units contribute to the local economy, community and entrepreneurial environment in the region. The South Florida Food Truck Association (SFFTA) proudly assists these small businesses, and reminds the public that food trucks are subject to the same regulations and inspections as restaurants,
“A food truck owner’s reputation stands on the quality of our food,” says ReAnne “Lulu” Walcott, President of the South Florida Food Truck Association. “We have one bite to earn a customer, and food safety is the highest priority for food truck owners. Food trucks are subject to the same inspections as a restaurant.”
In a report from June 2014, the Institute for Justice, a not-for-profit law firm, found that food trucks and carts were just as clean, if not cleaner, than standard restaurants. 
The SFFTA understands the level of food-related illnesses, which is why the industry requires such strict regulation, licensing, certifications, tax requirements, a variety of insurances, inspections and further steps to ensure that food trucks are abiding by safe and healthy standards. Food truck owners are required to carry these licenses, tax receipts, certifications and insurance in order to operate. 
Food trucks are more than just a fun dining experience. They hold a special place in our communities. “Some restaurants also have food trucks, and some South Florida Food Truck owners also operate restaurants in addition to their mobile business,” said Walcott.  More than just a fun dining experience, food trucks are complete business units, many with experienced operators, chefs or entrepreneurs at the helm. “We are committed to our community, to fostering economic expansion, and serving our adoring fans.” 
About the South Florida Food Truck Association 
The South Florida Food Truck Association is committed to helping Food Truck owners leverage our voices so we may better serve our community. The SFFTA serves food truck owners and operators in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Martin County. 
Founded by a local food truck owner committed to our South Florida Food Truck Community, the SFFTA is run by local food truck owners and operators. We volunteer our time and are committed to bettering our South Florida Food Truck Community. The SFFTA has excellent advisors and continues to add to our panel of experts. Our goal is to work is to enable food trucks to expand their locations and ability to partner with businesses. Learn more about our role in the community by visiting