Kamal Musallam - New album 'Homemade in Rome' available on

After a successful tour in Jordan and in the UAE, Kamal Musallam 6th album 'Homemade in Rome' is now available on

Kamal Musallam, Dubai based foremost Arabic Fusion musician and composer, has had standing ovations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Aman. He and his 4-piece band delighted audiences who bought hundreds of CDs.

Kamal Musallam 4-piece band are Marcello Allulli (Italy) on saxophone, Daniele Cappucci (Italy) on double bass, Israel Varela (Mexico) on drums and Karen Lugo (Flamenco fusion dancer. All members are hailing from Italy and Mexico.

Kamal Musallam says: "I had an incredibly amazing, amusing and creative 10 days with my dear band. 6 concerts in 8 days, this was really something. Tiring and painful but really rewarding musically and emotionally, and I loved every moment of it, Abu Dhabi, Amman and Dubai... I am so thankful to my musicians, the organisers, my fans and the crowds we were lucky to meet. "HOMEMADE IN ROME" is now officially launched after over one full year of hard work. It is "en Route", searching to perform at new venues, other cities and for more crowds."

More information about 'Homemade in Rome' album below.


New album 'Homemade in Rome'

In February 2013, Kamal traveled to Rome, Italy, to experience a new musical adventure surrounded by the Roman Spirit and the iconic city’s cultural treasures. Here he aspired to tie it all together: the centuries-long influence of the Romans on the Middle East, and of the Arabs on Spain; the voyages of the Italian, Spanish and Arab merchants, reaching Asia in the Far East and the Americas in the Far West, who explored new lands, engaging in commerce and cross-cultural exchange, joy and beauty continually reborn.

The creation of this album was no different: on a winter’s night in the eternal city of Rome, in the warmth of an Italian home, a group of close friends of Italian, Spanish and Arabian origin were sharing stories, laughter and food, and most of all, making music - and so the album was born.

This project is showcasing how the sound of Oud and old Arabic rhythms can talk beautifully to Flamenco rhythms and dance especially the Bularias and Rumbas. It translates those connections within a modern concept performed by some of the best Arabic, Flamenco and Jazz musicians that Kamal is bringing together on stage with him. The performance also features a beautiful Flamenco dance appearance by a special guest, the talented Karen Lugo. Karen is known for her ability to mix the real Flamenco traditions with modern movements and an astonishing reflection to all the music played by the band.


Kamal Musallam - bio

Kamal Musallam, the founder of Arabic Fusion bands Kamal Musallam Trio and EastMania, has been expressing himself through music since the age of 3.  Originally from Jordan and born in Kuwait in 1970, Kamal’s parents encouraged him to learn both arts and music. He started out playing the piano and the accordion and then picked up the guitar when he was 9. He finished his studies in architecture in 1994 to persue a masters in management, and after 3 years of working as architect and project manager, he decided to quit all and follow his heart as a musician.

Musallam developed his skills playing the guitar and the oud and began to fuse together the influences that inspired him, mainly Jazz, Rock, Arabic music and Asian music.

The release of his first album in 2003, called On a Jordan River's Side, under his own label K&G, was highly acclaimed and appreciated on an international scale. Since then he released 5 more albums: 2008 - Out Of My City, 2009 - Lulu (Grammy selection), 2011 - Songs For Seung-eun (Grammy selection), 2012 - The Best Of Kamal Musallam 1999-2011, and 2014 - Homemade in Rome.

Kamal has recorded and played along with a long list of world class musicians such as George Benson, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Billy Cobham, Randy Brecker, Mike Stern, Kai Eckhardt, Ada Rovatti, Stanely Jordan, Anne Ducros, David Reinhardt, Jorge Pardo (Paco De Lucia Septet) and Francisco Molina, among others.

In 2001 Kamal registered his record label K&G, and Since 2006, he had established his music production & promotion company in the UAE, KMAC.

Musallam is currently playing the newly developed electric oud by Godin, the Multi-Oud. He had also developed with Ibanez new signature guitar models that provide the facility to play Arabic quarter tones, the electric KMM1, the acoustic KMA1 and in 2014, the KMM100.

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