As Sydney marches forward on its trend of growth, and rises to meet the challenges of the new century, we have seen its former industrial areas begin to adapt to the needs of an information-based economy. This has spread throughout the city, from the dock to Haymarket to the Inner West to the Outer West, and it shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

The adaptation of these large spaces in to urbanised workplaces has bred some of our favourite projects here at the Sydney Office Fitout Company. Among our experience, the large interior areas here allow for our creative side to take over, and there is no shortage of options which with to set up an office.

Recently, an engineering firm took ownership of their office in Burnley, in a case typical of many occurring in Sydney at this time. During the design phase, their designers took cues from the motif of the firm itself. A no-nonsense engineering firm, dealing in construction and heavy industry, the design is heavy on darker colours and exposed metallic, emphasising the business side of the office.

The open-plan styling is reflective of the work habits of the employees of this firm. They are often moving both between sites, and between desks, liaising with differing members of their teams. The low walls of the separated cubicles here allows for easy identification and quick movement, while floating workstations sit around the periphery.

This former factory building was due for a renovation, and what it found instead was a perfect suitability for the office life of today’s growing Sydney. As we continue to convert more and more former industrial estates in to office buildings for our burgeoning businesses, we will continue to be able to flex our creative muscles, and create new and striking workspaces.

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