Holiday Properties & the Web

Holiday properties are the ideal investment for anybody with a supply of capital, an ability to do research and a bit of a taste for having fun. There are few things more satisfying, apart from anything else, than knowing that you own a series of properties in desirable locations to which you can travel whenever you choose for an impromptu holiday. Or, in fact, if there is one thing more satisfying, it must be putting outings of this sort down as 'business trips'. For those who dare, it is a wonderful way to invest and earn at the same time. And with the rapid expansion of the internet as a place for doing business, there are more ways than ever before to get the research, the paperwork and the dull stuff all but done for you. Here's how.

The first thing any holder of a portfolio in holiday properties will tend to learn is the importance of getting your property seen. It is, of course, important to choose a lovely location, buy a great property and give a good service at a good price. But unless people know that you are out there, you won't be seeing much of a return on your investments. Getting exposure for your holiday properties is not difficult – in fact, there are some remarkably easy way to do a lot towards achieving that – and there are a few very useful tricks out there that are worth a look.

The first of these 'tricks' is the world of third party listings. From online holiday agencies to portals, there is a vast amount of traffic that goes almost exclusively though these channels. It is, for this reason, very important that you tap into them. A little research will tell you the most appropriate ones for your property, depending on its location and type, and listing your property is a great first step towards a steady stream of bookings.

Of course, as the online market becomes more and more sophisticated, there is more and more demand coming from customers (or, rather, potential guests) for property owners to have websites – and good quality ones, too. All is not lost, though. There are plenty of great products for this purpose – and whether you choose to use a free website builder, a general piece of software or (usually the best option) a dedicated website builder for holiday rentals websites, you will find putting together a website to be an easier task than you might imagine. And if you do opt for a dedicated builder, you can even integrate great features like booking forms, secure payment facilities, live vacancy calendars and professional-looking site design at, quite literally, the click of a button.

Talking of dedicated solutions, there is another great way to get the web working for you. Rental property management softwareas it is generally rather verbosely referred to,is a great way to integrate your website with your offline record, making your job a lot easier by minimising the amount of updating and general paperwork you have to do. A good piece of software will allow you to manage all your records through one central interface – running both your website and your listings on third party sites (this is known as 'multi-channel optimisation, and is very useful) from your records.

With all of these different products and facilities, another great feature to look out for is SEO (search engine optimisation). This, in a nutshell, gets your website noticed by the big search engines which handle peoples' searches for holiday properties. It's hugely worth asking for.

And all in all, whichever sort of product you go for, the web is a trove of products, features and clever ideas for helping you to keep ahead of your competition.