Author Raymar Rodriguez Offers His Little Green Book of Financial Happiness at Miami Book Fair International

For Immediate Release

Miami, Florida

Author Raymar Rodriguez will share financial tips from his book The Little Green Book of Financial Happiness, and showcase the work of several other rising star authors, on November 16-23, 2014, as an exhibitor at the 2014 Miami Book Fair International, an annual Literary festival presented by Miami Dade College. Mr. Rodriguez will meet and greet literary fans at the Faculty Published Books Booth.

The fair, which has become a model for others like it across the nation, draws hundreds of thousands of book lovers to downtown Miami each November and over 300 renowned national and international authors and exhibitors, to a week-long celebration of all things literary. It includes pavilions for children, young adults, and even comics and translation. Rodriguez, also a popular adjunct finance professor at Miami Dade College, says his guidebook The Little Green Book of Financial Happiness was written to help readers change the way they view money and take control of their finances. The paperback is based on a financial class that professor Rodriguez has taught for more than a decade.
"The Little Green Book of Financial Happiness is a simple, practical, budgeting and financial guide that incorporates traditional budgeting techniques, soul searching and journaling, said Rodriguez." The goal is for the reader to better control their budgets and find happiness no matter their level of wealth,” he said.

Personal finances are part of life and need to be properly understood and controlled. Rodriguez says people’s personal finances are in disarray because they were never taught a better way. "Many people find themselves struggling financially even though they have been working their entire lives, said Rodriguez. They live paycheck to paycheck and feel abandoned by the greater financial system. The book provides a simple, more positive way of looking at your personal finances," he said.

About Raymar Rodriguez:

Mr. Rodriguez has been immersed in “everything money” since 1984. He was a banker at a large financial institution for 12 years. During that period, he reviewed thousands of personal financial records, statements, profiles and budgets. This training gave him the uncanny ability to quickly detect and address problems in his clients’ budgets. He developed the Financial Survival Workshop, later called Financial Happiness Workshop, to address financial problems being experienced by many in his community. The classes are still held regularly after 10 years at churches, college campuses, corporations, and non- profit organizations.

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