Individuals with a satisfying sex life are those who know how to keep things interesting and to spice things up in the bedroom every once in a while. Sex with the same partner doesn’t have to be a routine and nowadays there are lots of sex toys you can use for foreplay, including GLASS SEX TOY. Dildos are among the most common sex toys used by most people and it comes as no surprise that the popularity of GLASS DILDOS is on the rise. 

Whether you have a partner you want to experiment with or whether you enjoy playing with sex toys by yourself you will be pleased to discover that your choices are endless. GLASS SEX TOY is highly recommended for masturbation, foreplay or to extend a love making session and it will top your expectations provided you give it a try. Individuals who are looking for a versatile and durable instrument of pleasure cannot go wrong with glass toys. You can experience amazing sensations when using these toys that have spiral wraps, ribs, bumps, nubs, twists and curves that will stimulate you in ways you haven’t imagined. 

GLASS SEX TOY is also visually appealing, but the best part about it is that when used properly it will trigger an explosive orgasm. It is useful to know that there are different types of toys available on the market these days: glide and slide, curves and contours, ultra slow and sensual, wonderful waves, twist and twirl, getting jaggy and wild wiggles. It is recommended to brows through all the available dildos until you find something that caters to your sexual needs. The glide and slide dildo, as the name suggests, is suitable for smoothly sliding, being a wonderful stimulator.

Curves and contours GLASS DILDOS are an excellent choice for those who want to stimulate their G spot. These sensual curves are designed to massage your clitoris and vagina and you will love the sensation they offer. Moving on to ultra slow and sensual dildos, we should mention that these are suitable for insertion into the vagina. The twist and twirl dido can be easily rotated so that it stimulates all around, while wild wiggles has zigzags left to right, up and down and it has various depth of penetration.

Another great thing about GLASS DILDOS is the temperature changes. There are numerous erotic games that can be used to intensify the stimulation and the erotic pleasure. You can try a cool vagina and a warm penis; you can alternate two different dildos, one warmed and one cooled, you can combine anal intercourse with a vaginally inserted glass dildo and the examples can go on. As you can see, there are many games you can try to enhance your sexual pleasure and you should make the most of the amazing glass toys. 

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