Aureus Medical shares top 4 things a travel nurse needs to know about a phone interview

Omaha, NE (March 12, 2015) - Ask any travel nurse, and they will tell you that for the most part, their interview process for assignments is almost always over the phone, which can be very different from a face-to-face experience. Travel nursing jobs leader, Aureus Medical Group, shares the top four things travel nurses need to know about phone interviews.

All of those nuances like eye contact, the way you move your hands, posture, a friendly smile, and a professional appearance can't be translated on a phone call, so there is typically an entirely different protocol that needs to be followed.

There are several ways that travel nurses can present the best versions of themselves over the phone, and there are some key things that they'll want to avoid. Here are the top four to keep in mind:

1. Don't ramble: This is a difficult thing to conquer for many interviewees, because many individuals don't want to leave out crucial details about their background. It's also tough to read cues that would indicate you are rambling over the phone, as a lot of these are related to body language.

However, there are ways to showcase your professional life without revealing too much, even over the phone. Keep in mind that interviewers aren't looking for the life story that lead up to your travel nursing career, they are simply trying to see if you will be the right nurse for a specific assignment.

According to Career Cast, when an interviewer asks you to "tell a little bit about yourself," you should already have a brief explanation of each job in your work history already prepared to avoid rambling.

2. Avoid asking about salary range or other worries: Unless the interviewer offers you the assignment at the end of the call, it's not tactful to bring up salary range for positions during the beginning stages of the interview process. Plus, discussions about salary are generally handled through your healthcare staffing agency.

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