Studeo55 offers Crossfit Workout with World Class Fitness Experience

Summary: Workout has been interpreted into a segment of various areas. There are various programs and techniques implemented these days to transform a person’s body into a healthy and fit body.

May 5, 2014; Vancouver, BC: Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program which focuses on improving a person’s cardiovascular, physical and mental endurance, physical stamina and balance etc.

Studeo55 is Vancouver’s health club and Crossfit Fitness Center; enclosed in a stylish, 13,000 square foot training facility the center offer clients with a world class fitness experience.

What makes Studeo Crossfit world class?

The centre provides a wholesome and results-oriented environment where the programs are designed to allow anyone to dream big and realize their fitness goals. Apart from a structured program, the fitness facility also provides:

  1.          Knowledgeable, professional trainers with a fully integrated health group comprising of a physiotherapist, dietician, registered massage therapist, chiropractor and naturopath.
  2.           Showers, changing rooms, turf and spacious areas to fit large class sizes.
  3.          A fun and warm community that is welcoming and encouraging to everyone.
  4.          A free 1 hour private session with one of the top coaches to introduce new members to Crossfit.

The popularity of Crossfit Workout

This form of workout includes a constant mixture of aerobic exercises, body weight exercises, and Olympic weight lifting. The atmosphere of a Crossfit centre is totally opposite from that of a typical gym. At a gym people come and work out on their own terms with or without the help of a trainer whereas, at a CrossFit gym the coaches will their train and lead their clients throughout the entire routines. This method develops a strong fitness community amongst the members along with healthy competitions between the members.

A typical workout session can be routine and boring but Crossfit exercises are fun ways to work out as it provides variation and it challenges a person’s ability. 

Although Crossfit is an intense workout program it helps a person build their confidence and regain control over their body. It is a fitness program that promotes a person to push further and endure any obstacle in order to be better in life.

About Studeo55 Crossfit Centre: Studeo55 Crossfit Centre is a fully integrated health club, with trained professionals and experts who work collaboratively to put clients as the number one priority at all times.

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