A New Search Engine Applies Lessons Learned From the History of the Black Wall Street

March 20, 2015 is known as the search engine that gives back. The company donates 20% of its net profits towards scholarships, grants, and micro loans primarily in the African American community and the international black community.

The company seeks to reduce the wealth gap between blacks and whites by promoting the use of its exclusive BlackLink program. This program enables black owned businesses to display a BlackLink icon next to their listing within the search results, thereby giving more visibility to black owned businesses. The company believes this will cause the dollar to circulate within the black community at greater rates, thereby allowing business to expand and hire more minorities. currently has over 18,000 merchants participating in the search engine's BlackLink program, including big name brands from non black owned companies such as Target, Macys and Best Buy to name only a few. These companies make it possible for to donate money towards its social mission whenever a user clicks on the BlackLink listing in the search results and then shops with a participating online merchant.

For the masses of people, racial wealth inequality is still a serious challenge in the United States. The median net worth for Black households is $4,995 compared to $110,729 for white households, according to the 2012 census government data. This wealth gap is higher than it was during any period of apartheid in South Africa, where black economic disenfranchisement was mandated through the legal system.

In fact, black families have one nickel of wealth for every dollar held by white households. The wealth gap had tightened in 1995. However with the economic collapse in 2008, the black and white wealth gap has now widened 22:1. Perhaps history offers a solution for these economic challenges faced by blacks today.

Historically, black forefathers used nepotism to bring economic equality and quality of life into the black community. Practicing nepotism amongst those with power or influence within black community's caused the dollar to circulate at greater rates, because black people spent money with black businesses and this lead to better schools, jobs, laws and it created more wealth within the local community, much like the Jewish community still practices to this very day.

Greenwood is one great example of what was done in the past to successfully practice nepotism which leads to a self sufficient wealthy black community. In 1921, Blacks living in the greenwood district of a small town in Tulsa, Oklahoma were forced to practice nepotism and spend money within their own communities due to discriminatory Jim Crow laws.

This thirty-five square block neighborhood had over 600 black owned businesses ranging from movie theaters, post offices and law firms. The more wealthy blacks living in Greenwood even owned private jets, gas stations and banks. This little town became so popular for its wealth and high quality goods, that it became known as Black Wall Street to its visitors.

Eventually, Klu Klux Klan would initiate race riots due to jealousy and fear from surrounding communities. The National Guard would ultimately disarm the local black citizens and air bomb the small town. The Black Wall Street of old may serve as a blueprint of success for the black community today. It provides evidence of the individual benefits one receives when these communities pool their financial resources for a greater good.

The political influence of the black community is naturally global and for the first time in history, there now exist a real opportunity where this political influence can be matched with an economic movement to create real and lasting change for black communities around the globe. is a Black owned search engine seeking to combine the 1 trillion dollar buying power of African Americans and connect black people around the globe. The company believes that using its BlackLink program will effortlessly circulate the dollar within the black community.

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