Energy Management the Universal Devices way..

Universal Devices reaffirms commitment to OpenADR and California Title 24 with suite of products.

Universal Devices, the leader in cost effective hardware solutions for energy management and demand response.

The entire ISY994 product line now includes certified OpenADR 2.0a and 2.0b Demand Response at no additional cost! This one solution allows system integrators, building managers, and contractors to ensure future-proof access to demand response technologies using OpenADR.

Safely positioned behind the building's firewall, the ISY994 series is available as a low-cost stand-alone energy management gateway or fully integrated into legacy building management systems. Further extending the system is easy with off-the-shelf Z-Wave or INSTEON lighting, sensors, thermostats, or load controllers.  This ability to use non-proprietary devices and the low cost of entry makes the ISY994 a fraction of the cost of existing building and energy management solutions.

The ISY994 series complies with California's new Title 24 requirements for energy management in commercial buildings over 10,000/sqft. without compromising your building's security or privacy of it's status.

For detailed information review our slideshare presentation on ISY994 capabilities.

Universal Devices provides pre-planning assistance to project management teams and building owners to accurately assess and control energy costs in commercial and residential applications.

To ensure your project is ready for energy management and join the tens of thousands of buildings that already use Universal Devices technologies, contact us at for cutsheets or more information.