8 Advantages JIRA Gives You over Other Test Case Management Tools

Test management tools are software used to manage tests, either automated or manual, that have been previously indicated by a test procedure. Test management is the activity involved in managing the software testing procedure/process.

There are many test case management tools available to testers. Some are extremely better than others, and as a tester, you must know the ones that will help achieve the exact thing you need to achieve with the testing. One of the better ones is JIRA test management tool.

JIRA is a tool developed by Atlassian, an Australian company. It is used for bug tracking, project management and issue tracking. The basic function of the tool is to track issues and bug related problems in your software and (or) mobile application.

Over the years, the JIRA test management tool has distinguished itself amongst all others as a topnotch management tool. While others are quite good, JIRA is considered one of the very best. Let’s consider some of the reasons below:

1. Productive planning

JIRA is often used by teams that need to get more work done in a short period of time. It aids efficiency and effectiveness. JIRA helps them assign and prioritize their works, ensuring that the job gets done effortlessly and with minimum fuss.

2. Visibility is topnotch

With JIRA, you can never be kept in the dark, you always know what is going on. You can share information with powerful dashboards, monitor activity logs and oversee the issues that are most essential to you.

3. Collaborate and share information easily

It’s imperative that a team shares information amongst themselves for easy communication and transmission of ideas from one end to the other. JIRA’s simple interface allows collaboration amongst teammates and allows them get the job done efficiently.

4. No complications

You can easily work the way you want with JIRA. As your process is at the center of all you do, JIRA has workflows to match your existing processes, which can be easily adjusted as the team grows and expands.

5. Allows organization and prioritization

You can use JIRA to capture and organize your team’s issues, take action on what’s essential, and stay in the loop on the things happening around you and your team. There’s no shortage of ways to stay in touch, either by email or chat, JIRA has all the options.

6. Agile project management

JIRA agile adds agile project management to the effectiveness of JIRA.

7. Bug tracking

JIRA is the tracker of choice for many testers and developers. It allows for easy and flexible defect tracking incorporated with the source code and development environment to fit the way you and your team want to work.

8. Project tracking

Lots of teams choose JIRA as the test management case tool of choice. It is the tracker of choice for teams planning big projects as it allows for easy transitions from one point to another, and it helps capture and organize issues, assign work, and follow team activities.