Matt Fraser, World Renowned Psychic Delivering News From Heaven Through Heart Felt Messages To His Audience


Matt Fraser, world renowned psychic and the author of his recently published book “The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability”, has become globally renowned for delivering heartfelt messages to his audience, brining validation with the names, places and dates of those dear ones who have departed and are at peace at their heavenly abode and always with them. He has been featuring in shows channelled by CBS Radio, NBC Morning News, Morel and FOX News. Those watching his live shows have been found to be comforted through his entertaining and compassionate messages mixed with a sense of humour, making the show livelier. Matt is famous as a Rhode Island Psychic and has been frequently featuring in Television shows, where his talent and sense of humour is gaining overwhelming popularity.

One of his clients who had been benefitted through his messages had to say “Matt is a superstar winning the hearts of everybody listening to him and getting consolation through touching messages that are rare to be witnessed.” Matt has become famous for his ability to communicate with those in heaven and his live shows and interviews have been featured on most of the major media in the world. People can watch his videos and check out the live events he is featuring in to get an idea of his talent. Newspapers like The Telegraph, The Bullet, The Day and other leading newspapers have been featuring Matt frequently in their news and those reading about him are becoming interested to witness his live shows.

Recently one of his avid followers said “I have become a fan of Matt Fraser, the Connecticut psychic because of the ways he communicates with his audience and comforts them through his heart touching messages coming right from heaven. I feel mentally better whenever I watch him live or his videos which provides me reassurance and hope. He is a gifted man and his abilities prove that he is no less than a world famous psychic.” Matt, now also a Boston psychic began his incredible journey right from his teens and still carries on, helping others to reconnect themselves with their dear ones who have since departed. He answers to questions in his uncanny way which provides comfort to thousands of people watching him on shows.

About Matt Fraser:
Matt Fraser is a world renowned psychic and has the ability to connect people to their loved ones who had departed through his heart touching messages, shown live on Television channels and featuring in video shows. For more information please visit    

Matt Fraser