Calling All Board Game Junkies, Devoted Video Gamers, Trivia Fanatics, and Anyone With A Pulse – Game Trivia Is Here!

Are you obsessed with games? Well, that’s a no brainer. Of course, everyone is obsessed with games! SparkNET has released its latest addictive application built for trivia fanatics. Introducing “Game Trivia – A Game for Board Game Junkies, Devoted Video Gamers, and Trivia Fanatics”, the title says it all.

Each puzzle in this new addictive game features an image to test your game knowledge and skills. You can earn coins by guessing the correct title of the game. The game categories include:

·         Retro: Pay homage to classic 8 bit and video arcade games

·         Action & Adventure: Feed your addiction for PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii games

·         RPG: Demonstrate your mastery over dungeons, dragons, and other role-playing games

·         Puzzle & Strategy: These will give your brain a workout no doubt

·         Sports: Speed your way through racing, soccer, football, wrestling, and more

·         Party: Test your memory with the most popular group-based games

·         Board: Share the fun of the world's most popular family games

There’s a possibility even the most brilliant game fanatics need a little help sometimes. So, in case that’s you feel free to get a hint:

·         Delete letters in the puzzle

·         Show a letter in the puzzle

·         Use a game-specific hint

·         Ask your Facebook friends

·         Skip the puzzle

Game Trivia – A Game for Board Game Junkies, Devoted Video Gamers, and Trivia Fanatics


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