Roof Cleaning and Maintenance Services from Permacoat

Permacoat, a leading roof restoration company in Perth, offers a comprehensive range of roof cleaning and maintenance solutions.

[PERTH, WA, JULY 9, 2014]—Permacoat, one of the leading roof restoration companies in Perth, offers comprehensive roof cleaning and maintenance solutions. This is part of the company’s commitment to improve upon the 20-year heritage of the business by providing excellent services.

A Guide for First-Time Clients

Permacoat always briefs first-time clients about what’s in store for them the moment they hire their services. They have a two-fold guideline regarding this. First, they inform that the repair and preparation stages are completed by qualified roof tilers. Second, only experienced applicators of roof restoration can carry out the resin coating stage.

The Maintenance and Cleaning Process

The maintenance and cleaning service of the company follows a thorough procedure. First, the roofing specialists will check if there are any leaks. If there are, they will secure all of them. After that, they will replace badly chipped and broken tiles with matching profiles. They inform clients that small corners are replaced using co-polymer mastic due to pressure points and that they cannot guarantee tile colour match for Maintenance Only procedures.

The specialists will then check and secure all the flashings. After the first check, they will check the valley iron and re-lip. Once all the checking and securing is done, they will clean the entire roof using a high-pressure water cleaner.

They will also clean and flush out all gutters. After the cleaning, they will replace any broken or missing capping. As a guarantee, the existing leaks will be fixed with a full 12-month, four seasons guarantee.

About Permacoat

Permacoat is one of the leading companies in Perth offering roof restoration and repair services. The company has gained a reputation for delegating fully-trained roof professionals and providing on-time services. The company is proud of their excellent customer service. Their record of accomplishments shows that they have restored more than 20,000 roofs in more than twenty years. They also offer a unique Permacoat Coating System and Permaflex Flexible Acruclic Re-Pointing Compound that many customers say can outlive the provider’s 20-year warranty. They also offer a wide range of alternative Cool Smart Technology tint formulations, which can reduce the exterior surface temperature of homes.

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