American Walk in Tubs Offers a Wide Variety of Tubs

Walk in Tubs is a leading manufacturer and dealer of bathing tubs in the USA. Its head quarters are located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. It has received A+ rating from the BBB Accredited Business. The company manufactures the best in business bath tubs with a variety of in built features which makes it popular among its customers. It is known for its broadest ranges of bathtubs which have been specifically designed to meet the customer’s needs.

The company puts forward two wide-ranging series of bath tubs. Talking about its products, the company’s official spokesperson explained, “Our only goal is to manufacture the best and the most affordable tubs for our beloved customers. Our collection of tubs includes two series, namely, the American series and the Presidents series. The former series includes a collection of bathtubs with variable features like wheelchair accessible tub, XL tub, Space saver tub, Hi boy tub with high side walls, long boy tub with a 60 inch long tub. While the latter series consists of few tubs with pretty much standard dimensions which have been named upon our ex-presidents. These tubs are a little less wide than the American series and provide you the option of getting custom made shower doors. We have designed our line of walk in tubs after scrutinizing all the tubs available in the market. We have eliminated some features and incorporated the ones which have found a favorable response. All our products can be delivered to our customer’s doorstep anywhere in the country.”

The tubs manufactured by the company have gained so much popularity owing to some of its luxurious features. Additionally its engineers have several years of experience in designing secure and handy tubs for the aide of its customers. Moreover they offer lifetime warranty for all their products and services. They also offer free delivery for the tubs nationwide.

“We understand that nowadays many people are unable to enjoy a comfortable bath because of lack of convenience and safety. But with our range of tubs one gets to fully take pleasure in an indulgent bath with total self-reliance. Some of the safety features in our tubs are anti-slip floors and seats, few inches high walk in ramps or steps, 2 grab bars and so on. Our tubs also feature some luxurious amenities such as hydrotherapy spa which offers reprieve from muscular stiffness, aches, pains etc; whirlpool therapy for those who want to enjoy a relaxing and blood flow stimulating bath; custom made shower doors which enable you to convert your tub into a shower and it also enhances the look of the bathroom. All our products are made of woven fiber glass which is crack and leak proof. One can contact us for a free brochure,” further added the official spokesperson.

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About the Company
American Walk-in Tubs is a tub and shower manufacturing company located in Lawrenceville, NJ. It‘s walk in tubs were created with the idea that a good tub could be made better. Its engineers have a combined experience of over 30 years in manufacturing safe and accessible bathtubs. It manufactures a wide range of walk in bathtubs and showers, with many convenient and luxurious features.