Rare Collection of Toy Soldiers On Exhibit at Riverton Museum

    The Riverton Museum currently has a new display up, showcasing a collection of unique toy

soldiers from preworldwar II. The collection, donated by Paul Hughes, in memory of his Uncle

Joe who played with these toys as a boy, shows the progression of toy soldiers and their

importance to the time period of the late 1930s, into the 1940s.


    “The collection is very unique,” says curator Karline Stelter. “We have soldiers dating back to

1935, prior to World War II when materials for crafting these soldiers were available before

World War II.We have on display toy soldiers from the Auburn Rubber Company, The Bergen

Toy & Novelty Co., and the Louis Marx & Company Soldier of Fortune . Anyone who once used

to play with these styles and types of toys are welcome to stop by the Riverton Museum and

take a stroll down memory lane”, says Karline Stetler.

    The new exhibit will be up for the summer season and everyone is welcome to come in and see

the toy soldiers on display. The Riverton Museum is located at 700 E. Park Avenue and is open

from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Saturday.