The choice for the oil painting canvas should be determined by the application of the oil painting

China – The canvas is the foundation of the oil painting. Without the good quality oil painting canvas, the artists could not create the high level oil painting works. In that case, the business for oil painting reproduction should maintain their canvas¡¯s high quality. The website is the professional online supplier for oil painting reproductions China wholesale. They particularly focus the high quality of their materials such as oil painting canvas so that they could largely keep the high quality of their oil painting products. Today, the professional artist from this famous oil painting supplier will tell people the basically classification of the oil painting canvas.

The first kind should be the hand-painted canvas. This canvas has the features of dimensionally stable, strong elasticity, clear texture, solid foundation, good durable ability and strong tension and good weather resistance. Furthermore, there are also many other advantages such as good width thickness, smooth, flexibility and good impact resistance which could totally meet the requirements of oil painting and the preservation requirements for collection. The reason is so simple that the quality of the canvas needs to meet the need of long time preservation.

The second type of oil painting canvas is for the purpose of printing wholesale oil painting oil paintings. For this kind of oil painting, the canvas need to meet with the requirements of good smoothly, well gloss level, suitable wove, fasten coating layer, good location of coating pinholes, curling, good water resistance. On the other hand, this kind of canvas should have good performance for adsorption of oily and water-based dye and pigment. On the other hand, the printing resolution also has high demand because this could directly influence the final effect of the printing oil painting.

The last kind of canvas should be used for the indoor and outdoor oil painting advertising. For this kind of application, the canvas requires have the strong and durable elastic and resistance to the outdoor environment and weather changing.

The above is the basically description about the sorts of oil painting canvas. People could find that the choice for the canvas type needs to depend on the sorts of oil painting. When people want to order oil painting from, they should firstly communicate with the customer service of this site and let the customer service have fully understanding about the requirement and demand of the future application of the oil paintings. Only in that way could the producer provide with people the high quality handmade oil painting with the most suitable canvas.


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