Microarray Analysis Market Research Report- Global Forecast to 2027

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Global Microarray Analysis Market Report: Overview

Life science relates to the study of living organisms which includes plants, humans, and microorganisms among others. With unparalleled connectivity, evolving demographics, impressive growth in patent applications in emerging markets and pharmaceutical demand changes worldwide, the trend of Life science is also changing and improving. It is estimated that 2 million engineering and life science jobs will become open during forecasted period due to continue rise in aging population. The factors such as global innovation, increase taxation by government, awareness about education in Life science field, improved R&D expenditure driving global demand for genetic study which includes Microarray, population genomics, and molecular biology among other life science study areas.

Microarray, the combination of robotics, chemistry, computer science, and biology are used to study many points within a genome which is composed of thousands of genes at one time. Microarray helps to reduce criticality occurred during the understanding of the cell and its associated diseases. It is used for the study of biological materials such as DNA, RNA, small tissues, or protein, by immobilizing them on silicon-thin film.

Microarrays are useful for processing thousands of samples cost-effectively to identify transformations and structural variations in gene expression and methylation.

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Global Microarray Analysis Market Report: Application

Microarray analysis is been used in various industries such as healthcare, life science, medical among others. For instance, cancer germline mutation analysis is used to study cancer predisposition, cytogenomics is useful in detection of low-level mosaics, CNV’s, LOH, across the genome, Agrigenomics genotyping is used for the study about plants and animals, and many more.

The advantages of Microarray analysis includes:

  • Reproducible, high-quality data at a low cost
  • Support fast, high throughput, multiplex processing
  • Available in expert and custom formats

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