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First Security Safe offer used safes for Burglary, Jewelry, High Security, including TL 30, TRTL 30×6, ISM Safes, & AMSEC Safes. Select the Best One Now!

Safety and protection are the prime issues both in our private and professional life. Whether it is your office or home, the requirement of security is an indivisible part of your living. Security safes guard our valuable belongings from theft or burglary and help us to live life stress free. With a rising crime rate, it is wise to protect your valuables such as costly watches, gold, diamond and platinum jewelry, cash, electronics, investment papers, certificates, hard drives, and secure safe, it is one and only burglary safe that will guard them from theft or fire.

We have specializing over used safes for Burglary, Jewelry, High Security, including TL 30, TRTL 30×6, ISM Safes, & AMSEC Safes. Here, on this website, you can browse through all our quality safes that can be utilized for your home or business. We are serving the best of people from 1922 and our showroom has the largest and most varied safe showroom in the nation situated in the Jewelry District in Downtown Los Angeles.

You can visit the largest showroom you can locate filled with both new and second hand safes. Our most friendly staff will work with you to decide your precise requirements and will then show you a choice of safes built for your limitations. Our main specification includes fireproof safes, cash boxes, cash drawers, wall safes, floor safes, data safes, gun safes and depository safes. Moreover, our customers can make choice from burglary proof safes, burglary rated safes, high security safes, banker’s safes, jewelry safes, fire rated safes, safes within file cabinets, jeweler safes, vault doors and small safes among others.

First Security offers safe servicing, protected moving, and full locksmith services. It really don’t matter what you wish safe and secure, you can count on First Security Safe Company to right time. We have the skill and equipment to move any safe around 7500 pounds and can offer you a price quotation with the help of phone or email. If you have any sort of query of question in your mind related to our services, you can contact us directly. Simply write an email on or directly talk to our executive on toll free number 1-800-400-7675. Visit for more information and details!