(TRAVPR.COM) UNITED KINGDOM - July 22nd, 2014 - Scenic Tours has done it again, their established reputation for creating the ultimate all-inclusive river cruise experience that offers guests pure luxury and indulgence has seen them receive high praise in one of the country’s most significant newspapers – twice!

The Telegraph has praised Scenic Tours for their exceptional river cruise experience that ‘can claim much of the credit for changing the image of European river cruising’ and offers ‘a serious alternative to ocean cruising, and forced other lines to rethink their service’. These were just a couple of the glittering comments laid out by renowned river cruise writer Jane Archer in her latest feature, which looked at ‘River cruises: a brave new world on the waterways’.

In the Telegraph’s ‘All-inclusive cruising: travel guide’ article, Scenic Tours ticked every box in their comparison table, blowing their rivals out of the water because when Scenic Tours say ‘ultra-all-inclusive’, they mean ‘ultra-all-inclusive’.

Flights, transfers, speciality dining, drinks, shore excursions, internet and gratuities are just a few of the features Scenic Tours offers as standard with their European and French river cruises in 2014, but it is their unique touches, such as the personal butler service and private balconies, that see guests return time and time again.