National Roofing Partners Latest Blog Post Investigates the Correlation Between Gender of Hurricane Names and Severity

In their latest blog post National Roofing Partners offer commentary on reports from the National Academy of Sciences that more people die in hurricane with female names than male. The reason? Scientists who did the study think its gender bias. 

Obviously this started a media storm from folks who wanted to weigh in. From the Washington Post to the Smithsonian Magazine, there is no shortage of coverage on this topic from people weighing in on the validity of the study, how the data used , to should the scientists have left out major storms like Katrina and Sandy – the debate goes on.

There are those who believe that the primary reason the death and/or damage toll is higher for hurricanes with female names is that until 1979, all hurricanes had female names. One article attributed this to “storms being unpredictable.” So no gender bias there! Others believe that it is the alternating of the gender names that created this unrealized thought process of applying less of a danger factor to hurricanes with female names.

Whether you think that gender bias runs so deep in this country that people dismiss the potential damage of a hurricane with a female name, or that the data is slanted, the fact still remains that it’s a hurricane, it’s going to cause mayhem, and you had better be prepared. Obviously there are trained first responders to provide medical care, evacuation assistance, and even support to restore the power. But if you have a commercial property, or a number of commercial properties, who do you call to provide assistance with your commercial roofing needs?

“Ideally, you have an alliance with a firm that has experience with a first-responder, disaster recovery model for commercial properties,” said Dale Tyler, president of National Roofing Partners. “To assume your local roofing contact can be available after such a devastating event is not a good idea. They will be dealing with the same issues as everyone else impacted by a hurricane.”

Today, we have sophisticated weather tracking systems that typically provide us with ample time to prepare for a hurricane. Whether it’s “batten down the hatches” and ride out the storm or a Category 5 evacuation effort, there are still a number of preparations required to ensure that property damage is minimized. That is where National Roofing Partners (NRP) provides immense value to their customers.

“These types of weather events can be devastating, so we want to be prepared to respond quickly and effectively,” said Tyler. “Our customers need to be up and running as quickly as possible in order to offer services to that area. We want to ensure that happens by giving them the right commercial roofing services at the right time, regardless of the circumstances.”

For more information on weather preparation checkout the National Roofing Partners company blog section of their website.


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