Keep Your Home in a Healthy Condition Using These Feng Shui Tips

I believe you had the feeling that something positive is around you. This feeling may be vitality, happiness or prosperity. These feelings actually describe and characterize good health. Feng Shui's main purpose is to keep the flow of positive energy fresh. Here, have a look at some really useful Feng Shui tips which will improve your health.

1. Clean your home regularly. Feng Shui experts remind us that dirt plays a major role in the flow of Qi. Diseases and depression love messy places. A messy place is ideal for negative energy and sad emotions. The energy debris will drag you down and will definitely hinder your movement forward. The best you can do is to adopt the habit a quick daily sweep. It takes about 10 minutes. You should keep all the doors and windows widely open while you clean. That way the fresh air removes all the dust and negative energy stacked.

2. Focus on the centre. Do you feel something being in the centre of your home? I've been heard many stories about what people do have in the centre of their homes. For example, if you have a toilet, just make sure you keep it in good condition. According to Feng Shui, a house's centre is associated with the element “Earth”. If you can't fully feel the positive energy in this place, you could place some plants in order to improve it. You better place plants representing that element, like plants in large pots, rock plants.

3. Remove any washing machines from the centre of your home. Do you have your bathroom in the centre of your home? You should know that the positive energy flushes away down the drainage hole. Also, always keep the door of your washing machine closed. You could place a mirror on the outside of your bathroom door to get the positive energy back to your home.

4. Enhance positive vibrations around you. Plants are ideal for improving the positive flow in your house. For the best effect, they must be healthy, vibrant and lush. Make sure you avoid cacti. Willows and mulberry can bring depression in your home, especially if they are in the front yard. According to the ancient Chinese teaching, you need to have fresh and green indoor plants in your bedroom. This is because bedroom is one of the energy centres in every home. Specialists advise to have an odd number of plants for optimal effect.

5. Keep the Qi energy. In literature it is said that spiral staircases are not respected, because they can decrease the positive energy levels. Luckily, there's a solution to this problem – you can successfully put a big flower pot under the stairs. The plant will capture the Qi energy and won't allow it to leave your home. You could also place a pot at the top of the staircases. It could help pull back the vibrating energy.

6. Beware of sharp corners. You should get rid of sharp corners when you can. Feng Shui experts call the sharp corners “poisonous arrows”. If you can't just remove the sharp edges, you could at least try to place a plant, a crystal ball or a brass bell in the room. These objects can contain the Qi energy. Beams can be wrapped in silk or creeping plants.

7. Keep tech stuff away from your bed. Move all the tech gadgets you own, smartphones, music players, routers, consoles, as far from your bed as you can. These objects have lower resistance and absorb life energy. If you are still using a warm electric blanket, you better turn if off before going to sleep.

8. Keep the air clean. It's really important to keep the air clean. Cleaning your air, you clean the negative flow. If you have allergies, you should keep your windows slightly open throughout the day. Circulating air kills allergies more effectively.

9. Keep toxic stuff away from you and your home. Most of the old carpets or paint contain toxic residues and even mould. Feng Shui experts advise to avoid chemical cleaning products. You better use home-made remedies. You could also book an expert cleaning team, like AB Cleaners, who use eco-friendly cleaning techniques. The greener the cleaning techniques, the more positive you and your house will be. If you can't afford expert help, you better try home remedies like vinegar, baking soda, lemons.

10. Release the negative abusive energy. If you come to live in a house, where other people have been living before, you need to get rid of the residual energy. The same does for furniture, especially for beds. You should definitely change the mattresses. I bet it'll do wonders to you.

Imagine health in clear, bright and positive energy that vibrates your entire body. Make sure you are always in a similar condition to enjoy a happy life and is full of energy and vitality. Take a few minutes to re-think the above Feng Shui to improve health . And if necessary , deal with the changes today to avoid serious health problems tomorrow.