'Funny The Movie' What a wonderful madhouse

Joseph Fusco - Actor

There was a lot of on-line buzz about a new comedy feature in pre-production simply called ‘Funny’. The more I read about it the more I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

The breakdowns alone were hilarious. I never read character breakdowns that had me laughing out loud before. The funny bug bit me; I was intrigued! But how does an actor go from randomly reading about a movie to auditioning for said movie to actually getting cast in the same movie? All without an agent!? The odds were stacked against me. There had to be thousands of other actors with powerful agents setting up auditions. The only thing I could do was reach out, email and ask for an audition. So thats what I did! The kind producers must have liked my little reel I sent in because next thing you know I had a date and time for my audition. That confirmation email alone was enormously exciting. Funny here I come!

The big audition day for 'Funny The Movie' was April 26th 2014. And then….. I walked into a mad house! The Radisson Martinique in midtown Manhattan was overflowing with thousands of hopeful actors converging in the very same place for the very same thing. A shot at the big time! What?! OMG what have I gotten myself into? This was the Actors Pro Expo. Look it up, google it! What a wonderful madhouse with people of every size and shape and age and background holding sides and memorizing lines. Total excitement. But I must admit a bit unnerving. No stranger to the audition room I still had my work cut out for me. Lots of competition. After some time, I walked into the room and I was met with a wall of smiles and friendly greetings. The most welcoming and at ease group of people (you know who you are!) ever in an audition room.

Now, totally comfortable and all smiles myself from the awesome greeting I just received...I did my thing. I said my lines and said goodbye. But not before the producers and actors and casting people in the room applauded. That was a shocker. How wonderful to do your work and get such a wonderful immediate reaction. They were and ARE lovely people I thought. I hope I get to work with them someday. I left.

Any actor knows, you leave the audition and move on. So thats what I did. But weeks later I got the amazing news; that I was going to be a part of this awesome bunch of people. Exciting and humbling times. How fortunate I am to be a chosen one. The thousands of wonderful actors who auditioned and came so close.

I’ve been there. so close before. But this time I got it! And since getting this amazing news I’ve gotten to know the other cast members. WOW, somehow this ‘Funny’ team has assembled a truly talented and loving and friendly cast. We seriously have kept in touch since we all got the news! Thank you twitter! I am counting the days ‘till I can hug my new found family. AND I get to act in a freaking hysterical comedy feature. -Joe Fusco aka Joe’s Hardware. @primetimeJoey @funnythemovie