Introducing the Wilson Combat Vickers Elite 1911

Years of practical experience as an assaulter, pistolsmith, competitive shooter, industry consultant and trainer have formed the basis for the Vickers Elite-Larry Vickers' signature Wilson Combat model 1911. The Vickers Elite combines many of our time tested custom handgun features and ads some new modifications as requested by Larry to create a unique signature pistol with universal tactical appeal.

The Vickers Elite starts with our precision machined and hand fitted forged slide and frame combination along with our match-grade barrel for impeccable reliability and precise accuracy. Renowned Wilson Combat hand-fitting to rigorous specifications yields a pistol that you can count on regardless of the shooting scenario at hand.

The Vickers Elite wears the Vickers Tactical logo on the slide and on the proprietary G-10 grips to immediately identify this model in the field.

A special .45 caliber Wilson Combat magazine was also developed for this model with extensive input from Vickers based on his deployment experience. The Vickers Duty Magazine has a reinforced, solid tube for added strength, a newly engineered follower with sand cuts and a last round retention feature. The standard coil spring has been replaced with a stainless flatwire spring for the ultimate in long term feeding reliability in extreme environments and hard use. An extended steel base pad has been added to make this magazine the new standard for tactical use.

Larry Vickers is a retired US Army 1st SFOD- Delta combat veteran with years of experience in the firearms industry as a combat marksmanship instructor and industry consultant. Find out more about Larry Vickers on his website


"The Vickers Elite is the natural evolution of the Wilson Combat that I have used as a primary training 1911 for several years. In arriving at the Vickers Elite design, I retained the majority of the features found on that pistol while tweaking a few others. The result is a superb 1911 built for serious use. It combines a classic look with a modern twist, and in case you hadn’t figured it out yet, I am quite pleased with how it turned out.

I have come to truly appreciate the two-tone grey/black look on a fighting 1911 – so it’s natural that this pistol is similarly finished. The more aggressive than standard slide grasping grooves are both functional and unique – distinguishing this pistol from other Wilson Combat offerings. Ball slide cuts, as well as a recessed muzzle crown, are custom touches that I prefer and therefore have been included. This signature pistol features a medium length trigger, Vickers Tactical logo VZ grips, and my favorite magwell of all time – the Wilson custom one piece magwell/mainspring housing superbly blended into the frame.

I went with a gold bead front sight as a classy touch for this 1911 – a setup I’ve come to prefer. Not many stones are left unturned on this pistol, and because of that, Wilson offers only limited customizing options for the Vickers Elite. For those in the market for a premium-grade 1911, you will be hard-pressed to find a nicer and more functional one than this."

-Larry Vickers


"The magazine on the 1911 is not one of Browning’s finest efforts. The original design allows the feed lips to spread easily with use, which in turn affects the ability of the gun to eject an empty magazine cleanly. Fully loaded, the magazine is difficult to seat with the slide forward, and the holes in the side as well as at the top allow for easy ingress of debris.

Most of the 1911 magazines on the market today are actually designed to be better for competition use, not duty use. With that in mind, I approached Wilson Combat with the idea of making an improved duty grade 1911 magazine. I had used Wilson mags for years, and they had become my go-to brand, so I was confident we could pull it off.

Understanding that we were dealing with certain design limitations, we used the success that Wilson has had in the past as a launching point and addressed areas of the mag that required further attention. First, all of the holes in the sides were closed off. A single hole in the back remains as an indicator that the magazine is fully loaded. We also molded grooves into the sides of the follower for less friction and to give room for the follower to slide past debris inside the tube. A flat wire spring is used, a feature which gives much longer service life as well as positive slide stop engagement. The tube is slightly longer, like some other Wilson mags – a design which makes it somewhat easier to seat with the slide forward. The baseplate is enlarged and enhanced, as well as being made of steel, so an end-user wearing gloves can pry a stuck mag out of his duty 1911. The baseplate is also lengthened a bit to afford additional grip on a stuck mag in a pistol with an extended or enlarged magwell. A lower profile baseplate is in the works for those that don’t use an extended magwell.

Wilson and I are very pleased with the product of our efforts and are confident the Vickers Duty Magazine will become a benchmark for serious use 1911 magazines."

- Larry Vickers

Download high resolution photos at this link.