The Center For Sleep Medicine In Naperville IL Provides Insomnia Relief Solutions

Orland Park IL, 07-APRIL-2014 - The Center for Sleep Medicine is pleased to announce help for residents in the Chicago area who suffer from insomnia. The solutions are focused on relief from long term symptoms of sleeplessness. When an individual is unable to sleep well, the tiredness carries over into all the activities of daily life. Some periods of insomnia are common to everyone during a lifetime.

A representative for the Chicago Insomnia Treatment center explained to an interviewer recently, "Insomnia can take any of several forms. The person might find it difficult to fall asleep or to stay asleep. He or she might awaken too early in the morning. The periods of sleep might be of poor quality. Transient insomnia doesn't last long and will often be the result of temporary stress. It can also result from jet lag. Generally speaking such episodes of insomnia usually require no intervention and normal sleep patterns resume after a time."

"For those who are experiencing chronic insomnia at night, there are many symptoms that show up in the daytime" he continues. "The person with chronic insomnia may have lowered daytime functioning due to fatigue. The person might be depressed and have difficulty paying attention or concentrating. Those who are missing out on the needed level and quality of sleep may find it hard to cope with stress. Social activities are not as enjoyable. If a person experiencing chronic insomnia has existing physical ailments or health problems, those problems can be much more difficult to deal with due to a lack of sleep."

If insomnia continues for longer than a few days, it might be classified as chronic insomnia. About one in ten adults have chronic insomnia. The more serious version of the disorder might be caused by behavioral, cognitive, physiological, or personal and health factors. When the chronic form of sleeplessness is experienced, intervention by a licensed clinical psychologist at the Naperville location is recommended.

Learn more about chronic insomnia by paying a visit to the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have additional questions about this press notice are invited to contact the Center for Sleep Medicine at one of the six centers in the Chicago area.

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