The Culinary Uses Of Dry Mango Powder

Mango fruit is native to South Asia and is a fleshy fruit belonging to genus Mangifera, this fruit when ripe is very delicious but has very short shelf-life, dry mango powder is used for enjoying Mango's unique sweet and sour taste and it has longer shelf-life too.

Dry mango powder is used as substitute to Tamarind pulp in many dishes. This powder has sour taste of Tamarind and tenderizing qualities of Lemon juice. Dry mango powder is prepared by using unripe fruits of Mango; it provides sour taste and has many health benefits. This powder is used for seasoning food items with other commonly used spices like turmeric, garlic, cumin cardamom etc. 

To prepare dry mango powder take unripe and fresh dry mangoes, peel and cut them into thin stripes. Rub a coat of Turmeric powder and let them dry in the Sun. Turmeric will protect them from pest attack as this fruit only has its skin which protects it from external organisms. When these stripes are dry grind them to form a powder. Keep this powder in an airtight container away from moisture. There are many culinary uses of dry mango powder; few most popular ones are as follows.

Dry mango powder is used in preparing curries, soups, gravies, chutneys and marinades. It is mixed with other spices to make a mixture to coat Chicken pieces before cooking. Chicken marinated with dry mango powder taste wonderful, famous Indian Chicken dish Butter Chicken is generally made after marinating chicken pieces with a paste prepared by using Dry mango powder along with other spices. 

Dry mango powder is also used in making all Barbeque items like Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tikka, Kebabs, baked Fish etc. Just sprinkle a pinch of this powder before serving these dishes for better taste. 

Use of Dry mango powder are many, one can use it for seasoning Lentils, vegetables and also mix it with stuffing of Pakora, Parantha and Kachori. This is necessarily used in Biryani and Dum Aloo to provide color and sweet/sour taste. Its paste works as perfect substitute for Tamarind Chutney. 

Almost all type of pickles, jams and sauces contain Dry mango powder as ingredient, it adds to the sweet taste and also provides tingling sour taste to these taste enhancers. Aam Panna is a summer drink very popular in India, though ideally unripe fresh fruits of Mango are used to prepare this drink but in absence of these fruits Dry mango powder can also be used. This drink protects a person from heat stroke and dehydration during scorching summers.

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