Dakota Station II HOA Wins Insurance Damage Settlement



August 14, 2014 DENVER, COLORADO

For over two years, Ken Caryl, Colorado based Dakota Station II HOA has been fighting a

property damage claim with their property insurance company. In June 2013, Dakota

Station engaged Claim Solutions, a Denver based national public adjusting firm to

represent their interest in a large commercial property damage claim Dakota Station

sustained from wind and hail storms in 2012. On August 14, 2014 Claim Solutions

secured a full insurance claim settlement for Dakota Station in the amount of $3.155 mm.

Dakota Station was initially offered $20,388 as a repair settlement for the claim.

Property damages that Claim Solutions successfully fought and won for Dakota Station

includes all of the HOA’s roofs and gutters, painting and siding, some window damages

and window screen replacement. Reconstruction of the properties is scheduled to begin

late this summer.

While many may not know who or what a public adjuster is, property damage victims from

late last summer and this coming storm season may want to get acquainted with these

experts in the field of insurance claims. Rather than tackle the daunting task of a property

damage claim alone, the public adjusters at Claim Solutions, LLC will assist property

owners (commercial and residential) every step of the way with their claims. A public

adjuster works for and is paid by the policyholder, not the insurance company, in the

negotiation of an insurance claim.

Every year in Colorado there are thousands of commercial and residential property

damage insurance claims. Many of these claims would greatly benefit from the assistance

of the professional adjusters at Claim Solutions, LLC. With a combined 20 plus years of

claim adjusting expertise, the professionals at Claim Solutions, LLC are sure to maximize

the value of property damage claims and make certain all covered damages are accounted

for and adjusted properly.

About Claim Solutions, LLC: Claim Solutions, LLC is a public insurance adjusting firm

licensed in Colorado. The firm works exclusively for the policyholder, ensuring maximum

settlement amounts are paid based upon the damage and policy provisions unique to each

insurance claim. With over two decades of winning experience and more than 1,000 clients

served in Colorado, the Denver based firm of public loss adjusters and insurance

consultants specialize in loss assessment adjusting for home and business owners that

suffer property loss from hail damage, wind damage, fire and smoke damage, flooding

damage, hidden decay, and business interruption claims. Acting as an ally and advocate

for its clients during the claims process, Claim Solutions has negotiated tens of millions of

dollars of settlements, and millions of dollars of increased settlements, on behalf of

property owners and managers within Colorado. Company principle, Scott Benglen, has

built Claim Solutions on the simple foundation of working for claimants on a contingency

basis, insuring clients only pay for Claim Solutions services if the company successfully

represents the claim and increases the loss payment amount. Claim Solutions has a

100% success rate in the re-opening of property insurance claims and boasts a near 100%

success rate in increasing settlement amounts for their client policyholders. Over the past

year, Claim Solutions has represented client with hail, wind, flood, fire, building collapse

and business interruption claims throughout the state.

Questions about a Claim You May Have? If you sustained property damage from the

storms of 2012 or 2013 and are unsure if your claim was handled correctly, call the

professional adjusters at Claim Solutions for a full property damage claim assessment free

of charge.


Scott Benglen, Founder & Managing Partner

Claim Solutions, LLC

(303) 596-6043

SOURCE: Claim Soltions, LLC