Angling Trips Oban

Have you considered going on Fishing Trips Oban this year? Start planning your vacation and include the Angling Trips Oban in the itinerary because you will surely have a lot of fun during them. And if you are a fishing enthusiast, you will really enjoy them! And who can take you on these trips? None other than Ronnie Campbell!

Have you heard of Ronnie Campbell? You probably have seen him on television programmes as he has appeared on numerous ones. Some of them are “Hooked on Scotland” hosted by Paul Young or “Dream Fishing” hosted by John Wilson. He has over 40 years of experience as a local skipper and has spent 20 years providing Angling Trips Oban and Fishing Trips Oban. If you want to experience an amazing trip then choose his 35ft Offshore IO5 boat which has the capacity of 12 passengers and boasts 360 horsepower.

Campbell holds an Advanced Offshore Power Boart Certificate and his boat has a 60 mile code of practice. During the Fishing Trips Oban you can catch giant Skate, thornback rays, dog fish, Conger eel and mackerel. Some of them can weight over 200 pounds! If you want to hire this boat for Angling Trips Oban or other types of excursions, just give us a call and we can talk all the requirements. You can now spend a different type of trip by choosing this one!

Fish N Trips provide fishing trips together with your family or if you want to spend some quality time on the seas. Choose between the two kinds of trips, namely the 8hr trips and the Mackerel trips. The first one offers you the choice to learn tricks from Campbell himself who has a large knowledge and understanding of the waters. We can show you the best locations and can help you master the techniques involved in sea angling.

The second type of trip can offer you a great family experience as children can experience their first fish- and we never have returned without a catch from such a trip! The trip lasts 2hr and they start from 5pm onwards. If you have any enquiries regarding the trips that we organise, do not hesitate to contact us and we can give you all the information you require. If you want to arrange your fishing trip with Fish N Trips, contact us and we can discuss further.

If you want to contact us, you can complete the online enquiry or you can call us at the telephone number displayed on our website. Or you can visit Campbell in Oban, Scotland. And on the website you can visit the map and get instructions to where the place is. Decide for a different type of holiday the next time you plan it and come on one of our fishing and angling trip because you will surely like it!

Fish N Trips offers you Fishing Trips Oban where the skipper is Ronnie Campbell! Choose the Angling Trips Oban and you will definitely not regret your choice!